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Zoom revamps AI-powered tools

Zoom is updating and renaming some of its artificial intelligence (AI) powered tools, including its generative AI assistant, formerly known as Zoom IQ.

The assistant is now known as the AI Companion and uses the same combination of technologies as Zoom IQ — namely, the company’s in-house generative AI and models from Meta, OpenAI, and Anthropic.

However, the assistant’s accessibility is expanding across the Zoom platform, including Zoom Whiteboard, Zoom Team Chat, and Zoom Mail.

In 2024, Zoom will add a conversational interface via the AI Companion to let users use the AI similarly to ChatGPT.

The interface will let users chat directly with the AI companion to ask questions about meetings and chats.

For example, they will be able to ask about the status of projects, for which the AI Companion will pull on transcribed meetings, chats, emails, whiteboards, and even third-party programs.

The AI Companion could catch them up on meetings for which they arrived late or missed, create and file support tickets, and draft responses to inquiries.

It also retains a popular Zoom IQ feature — the ability to have the assistant summarise meetings, highlight key points, and recommend action items.

In 2024, the AI Companion will give meeting participants real-time feedback and coaching on conversational and presentation skills.

Zoom says the feature can be switched off at any time by an account owner or administrator.

Most of Zoom’s AI Companion features will be accessible in the app’s side panel. However, only paying Zoom customers will get access to all features once they go live.

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