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What’s Next — Netstock CTO Barry Kukkuk on the role of AI in inventory management

In this What’s Next with Aki interview, Netstock Co-Founder and CTO Barry Kukkuk discusses the journey that has seen the proudly South African software company go global.

Kukkuk is an experienced technology expert who has helped grow Netstock into a leading global brand.

In his role as CTO, he focuses on the business’ go-to-market activities, which include marketing, sales, and product development.

His core role is to ensure the business is aligned with its customers, market trends, and business partners.

The interview

In this interview, Kukkuk tells the story of how a homegrown South African software company has gone global.

He then discusses how Netstock was first-to-market in terms of bringing AI into inventory management software through its new Opportunity Engine.

Kukkuk expands upon how this works, and how its Opportunity Engine sets Netstock apart from its competitors.

He then discusses Netstock’s plans for future developments and enhancements to the Opportunity Engine, and concludes by explaining how Netstock prioritises supporting local businesses — even after going global.

The full interview with Barry Kukkuk can be watched below.

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