Vanessa Kirby Sue Storm A Lock For Fantastic Four?

The ongoing speculation surrounding the casting of Vanessa Kirby Sue Storm for the upcoming Fantastic Four film in the MCU continues to generate buzz, with Kirby’s name frequently mentioned. While Kirby has expressed enthusiasm about the possibility of joining the MCU, there’s no official confirmation of Vanessa Kirby Sue Storm playing the role yet.

The role of Sue Storm has seen a variety of actors rumored to be in contention. Early on, names like Jodie Comer, Mila Kunis, and Allison Williams emerged, pre-dating the SAG-AFTRA strike. Subsequently, Margot Robbie and Emma Stone were also considered, but reports indicate they have since passed on the opportunity. The conversation seems to be gravitating back toward Kirby as a potential lead.

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Vanessa Kirby Plays Coy on ‘Fantastic Four’ Rumors

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Even if Vanessa Kirby had denied the rumors, history shows that many actors have previously concealed their association with major cinematic franchises. Regardless, she remains a strong contender for a role in the MCU, and her casting as Sue Storm would be a well-matched choice. An official announcement regarding the Fantastic Four cast may be on hold until all roles are filled, so some patience may be required before we receive confirmation.

I don’t know, you’ll have to ask them. I would be very honored to join. Vanessa Kirby

Jeff Sneider, a well-regarded insider, once claimed Kirby was already confirmed for the part. This has led many fans to believe she might be the chosen actress, especially after her response to inquiries about the role. During the premiere of Napoleon in Paris, Kirby responded to Variety’s question about her potential involvement in Fantastic Four by saying, “I don’t know, you’ll have to ask them. I would be very honored to join.” This statement could imply that she hasn’t officially signed on yet, or that she is part of the cast but waiting for an official announcement from Marvel, which is known for its secrecy.

Vanessa Kirby Sue Storm, Is it a Done Deal?

Rumors have also mentioned Pedro Pascal as a potential cast member. Marvel actors often play coy regarding their involvement in MCU projects, so Kirby’s response aligns with this trend. However, it’s important to remember that without an official statement from Marvel or other reputable sources, Kirby’s involvement in the MCU remains speculative. Therefore, these casting rumors should be approached with caution until confirmed by reliable sources.

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