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Africa: How Africa’s Virtual Well being Products and services Are Reaping benefits Sufferers

With rising internet connectivity, African governments are turning to digital health services to handle a shortage of…

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SAP, PwC partnership using virtual transformation & cloud good fortune in West Africa

LAGOS, Nigeria, 10 January 2023 -/African Media Agency(AMA)/- With more businesses in West Africa adopting cloud technologies than ever…

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PayPal’s bans are a type of censorship, put some companies in danger, virtual privateness recommend says

PayPal’s purported content-based bans raise additional concerns about Big Tech’s control over free speech, a digital privacy…

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Cutting edge virtual cost answers will deepen cross-border commerce, says Interswitch

Press Office For several decades, the African continent has been bedeviled with low intra-trade volumes when compared…

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A case for and in opposition to an Australian executive virtual ID gadget

Content Corner It seems like every week that I receive a contrite-sounding email from a company apologising…

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Mending Africa’s Virtual Infrastructure Gaps: inq. Cloth Is The First African-developed Computerized Provisioning And Routing Resolution

To help stitch together the gaps in Africa’s digital infrastructure landscape, leading edge solutions provider inq., has…