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Samantha Markle: Dad paid for ‘each penny’ of estranged sister Meghan’s ‘commonplace’ California upbringing

Meghan Markle’s half-sister Samantha is shedding new light on the duchess’ upbringing, which she says has become…

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A loving dad and his injured son pay battle’s prices in Ukraine

CHERNIHIV, Ukraine (AP) — In a Ukrainian hospital ward for wounded soldiers, where daylight barely penetrates, a…

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Mum and dad are long gone. At 22, she’s head of the family, with 4 siblings to deal with

Jasmine Santana cuddled on a living room sofa with her four younger siblings, the glow of their…

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Minnesota dad saves 4 kids taken throughout carjacking via chasing them in suspect’s automotive

A father in Minneapolis, Minnesota heroically saved his children after they were victims of a carjacking Wednesday…

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Porn-Famous person Dad of LGBT Membership Bloodbath Suspect Spews Homophobia in First Interview

via Instagram MMA-fighter-turned-porn-actor Aaron Franklin Brink had an immediate reaction when he learned his 22-year-old son had…