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Are living longer with those dishes from ‘blue zones’ in The us

CNN  —  In a few, unique communities around the globe, people live long and heathy lives, up…

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Rotorua’s Blue Baths nonetheless closed however close by quake-prone shop open

Two Rotorua buildings stand less than a kilometre apart. Both are earthquake-prone, but only one is closed….

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LAPD’s Skinny Blue Line flag ban spurs outrage amid recruitment struggles: ‘Morale’s within the gutter’

LAPD bans Thin Blue Line flag over complaint Founder of Blue Lives Matter NYC Joseph Imperatrice joined…

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Florida trooper who risked existence to avoid wasting others from under the influence of alcohol driving force to obtain ‘Again the Blue’ award

The fourth annual Fox Nation Patriot Awards will take place on Nov. 17, 2022, streaming exclusively on…