Sydney Sweeney Ford Collab Showcases Her Driving Prowess

Riding along with Sydney Sweeney might just be the smoothest off-road experience you’ll ever have. The Sydney Sweeney Ford collaboration continues, as Sydney drops new videos and photos in the new Bronco. While most of us were still getting the hang of the car, Sydney seemed at home behind the wheel. It’s probably because she owns a beautifully restored cherry-red 1969 Bronco that she worked on during the pandemic.

Challenging terrains did little to deter Sydney Sweeney. Whether it was driving on an incline with half the car suspended in the air or tackling rocky paths, she was unflappable. “Experiencing off-roading can be intimidating initially. But being surrounded by supportive women and having a female instructor was truly empowering,” Sydney shared with Cosmopolitan post-ride.

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Alex Kramer / Bronco Off-Roadeo

Her venture into off-roading aligns perfectly with her passion for cars. Sydney has garnered a following of 1.6 million on her car restoration TikTok channel, “Syd’s Garage.” She was partaking in Bronco Off-Roadeo’s program, now accessible to non-Bronco owners at venues including Las Vegas, Moab, Horseshoe Bay, and New Hampshire.

Our day with Sydney in Moab culminated with a cozy campfire and s’mores session, where we discussed the evolution of Syd’s Garage, her automotive aspirations, and overcoming gender bias in the car world.

Speaking with Cosmopolitan, she expressed the joy of seeing fans embrace her designs and message of empowerment. Sydney stated, “Seeing fans wear Syd’s Garage designs and tackle car issues on their own fills me with pride. My mother taught me to be self-reliant, and I’m thrilled to inspire that independence in other young women.”

The Sydney Sweeney Ford Collaboration

Alex Kramer / Bronco Off-Roadeo

When quizzed about the future of Syd’s Garage, she hinted at expanding her car collection, drawing inspiration from car aficionados like Jay Leno. “While I’m not ready to reveal everything, fans should expect some exciting news soon,” Sydney teased. Furthermore, she expressed her desire to launch programs across various cities to help young women explore their automotive passions, a testament to her dedication to empowerment and inclusivity in the car community.

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