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Opposition MPs Launch Scathing Attack on Ruling Party | Zambia 24

… The parliamentarians accuse the UPND of Cheating and Causing massive suffering to the people of Zambia

By Francis Maingaila

In a scathing attack, opposition members belonging to the Patriotic Front (PF) have accused the ruling United Party for National Development (UPND) of cheating the people and causing immense suffering.

During a media briefing held at the party headquarters, the opposition MPs did not hold back in their criticism. They blamed the UPND for a dismal performance in the past two years, leading to the MP’s decision to abandon holiday festivities and focus on preparations for the 2026 presidential elections. Their aim is to reclaim the victory that was lost to the UPND in the previous election.

Francis Kapyanga, MP for Mpika, voiced concerns about the negative impact the UPND has had on the people since their former president assumed office. He also highlighted the mistreatment of former presidents, emphasizing the importance of respecting their dignity and rights in accordance with democratic principles and human rights.

Stressing the need for politicians to lead by example, Kapyanga called for love, tolerance, and unity in political discourse. He urged for respectful dialogue and the participation of traditional leaders and stakeholders to foster an inclusive and respectful political climate.

Echoing similar sentiments, Yotamu Mutayachalo emphasized the need to respect former presidents and recognize their contributions. He called for actions to align with Christian principles and the country’s commitment to international conventions on civil and political rights. Mutayachalo urged leadership by example, education on love and tolerance for young politicians, and meaningful dialogue to promote unity.

Maureen Mabonga expressed disappointment and urged party unity while discouraging divisive language. She condemned the destruction of the party’s Secretariat and called for professionalism and accountability in addressing the damage. Mabonga emphasized the importance of listening to the concerns of the people and upholding unity and accountability within the party.

Chanda Katotobwe emphasized national coexistence and unity within the party, advocating for equal opportunities for all members. He condemned violence and called for constructive action. Katotobwe highlighted the party’s role in finding solutions for the welfare of the people and expressed confidence in overcoming challenges.

Emmanuel Tembo, MP for Faira constituency, expressed admiration for the party’s anniversary and stressed the importance of upholding equality within the party. He affirmed members’ rights to vote and hold positions, acknowledging discontent within the party but emphasizing the need for unity and resilience.

Tembo also acknowledged recent student protests, indicating wider societal issues at play. Emmanuel Mwamba, Information and Publicity, called for addressing current issues in the best interests of the people. He pointed out concerns such as anger, unemployment, and poverty, stressing the need for policies that benefit the population and rejecting harmful ones. Mwamba highlighted the damaged economy, holding the government accountable for the state of reserves and criticizing decisions regarding power exports that negatively impact availability and affordability.

Despite their criticisms, Mwamba expressed appreciation for individuals working towards the party’s goals and objectives.

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