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“More Development Looms In 2nd Term” -Pres. Weah Rallies Citizens

The standard bearer of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), President George M. Weah, took day-two of campaign tour to Districts 16 and 14 on Wednesday, August 9, where he mesmerized hundreds of citizens about the unmatched development achievements of his first six-year term including more paved roads, hospitals, free public college education, hospitals, housing units for the poor, stable economy, amongst other things, amid huge challenges. 

The President called on Liberians to reject his opponents, the very people who governed for twelve years and left the country bare and in tatters, promising to make sure that much is in store for Liberia and its people in terms of spiraled development and transformation if given a second term.

“Liberians, we can not afford to forego the promising future of Liberia under my second term; you can not afford to go back,” the President emphasized further.

President Weah said it is highly inconceivable that failed leaders are clamoring for power again after they had plundered their opportunities to make a better country and improve the well-being of the citizens.

The CDC standard-bearer called on citizens of the two districts and Liberians in general not to be deceived by opposition folks, including those who claim public service life for sixty years but have no cherished legacy for the nation to celebrate.

He said: “People of District 16! People of Liberia! I want you to know that I am your real leader; I have proved my worth as your leader, and I want you to stand with me once again so that we can continue to reshape the country.”

In addition to the countless development strides made in the last five years of his incumbency, the Liberian Leader announced that there are more benefits envisaged in his second term.

The CDC standard-bearer also informed Liberians, mainly the young people, not to allow failed leaders who want to come to power to rob them of the better future he has laid before the country.

He called on young people to claim their future by taking advantage of the leverage he has created in the education sector, including the payment of WAEC fees and many others.

President Weah also used the time to re-echo his call for peaceful elections, challenging young people to conduct themselves in a peaceful manner, appealing to partisans and supporters not to instigate violence, warning, “desist from banging on vehicles and insulting leaders.”

In District 14, President Weah reminded citizens of the situation they and their community were facing when he came to power, and how much he did including the pavement of the Doe Community Road, refurbishment of the once Clara Town Young Survivors Field, the restoration of electricity and many more.

He pleaded with citizens not to take the country backward by voting the Unity Party to power but to ensure that progress goes into the future with more prosperity.

President Weah classified his opponents who call themselves as “fixers” and “rescuers” as “jokers,” urging Liberians to reject them on October 10 because “these politicians are fake and deceptive”.

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