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Kao Denero Sends Heartwarming Message to Musician Fynface Amid Depression Battle

Sierra Leone’s Entertainment Ambassador, Kao Denero, has reached out to fellow musician Fynface after he publicly disclosed his battle with depression.

Fynface bravely took to his Facebook page to share his struggles with depression, indirectly calling for someone to intervene and help him navigate this challenging period in his life.

In a compassionate response, Sierra Leone’s Entertainment Ambassador left a heartfelt comment on Fynface’s post, offering both advice and encouragement.

He began by acknowledging the difficulties that come with being in the entertainment industry for over two decades, emphasizing that he too has faced his fair share of criticism and negativity.

Kao Denero highlighted how he has been both loved and hated throughout his career, emphasizing that negative comments and accusations are a daily occurrence for him. He drew attention to a specific incident during the Kenyatta saga when fellow Sierra Leonean artists took sides against him on behalf of foreigners.

The Ambassador urged Fynface not to be disheartened by the constant scrutiny and criticism, encouraging him to stay focused on his craft and prove the naysayers wrong. He reminded Fynface of his own resilience, explaining that even in moments meant to be joyous, such as his own wedding, he faced unwarranted criticism.

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