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Joeboy Reveals Why He Converses With Plants

Famous Nigerian artist Joeboy, also known as Joseph Akinfenwa Donus, has explained why he converses with and cares for plants.

The well-known musician, best known for his hit song “Baby,” gave an intriguing peek into his unique relationship with the trees in his surroundings, particularly in the comfort of his own house.

In a candid conversation on the Zero Conditions podcast, Joeboy elaborated on his unique bond with nature. He said, “I find solace in nature’s embrace. My room houses four plant friends: Anthony, Themal, Raphael, and Vanessa.

These plants have become an integral part of his daily life, offering a soothing and calming presence. He believes it’s even better to share his feelings with them instead of normal people.

He further reveals the reasons behind this, saying; “I actually talk to them. I just tell them how I feel. I think it’s better to talk to plants sometimes than to talk to human beings.”

The 26-year-old, who spoke strongly about spirituality, underlined the value of protecting oneself by regularly praying to a higher force or by finding strength in customary traditions.

It is clear from Joeboy’s spiritual journey and his appreciation for nature that he believes in finding harmony inside and around him.

Beyond his plant friends, Joeboy covered his body with tattoos of trees as a visible representation of his intense love for the natural world.

This look into Joeboy’s life demonstrates how well music, the outdoors, and faith can coexist. His tale inspires us to take a moment to reflect and recognize the basic yet profound pleasures that result from cultivating a relationship with the world around us.

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