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Is Courtney Love A Racist?

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Her separate-music-but-equal views popped up again during a 2010 performance, as did her bitterness, boobs, and bigotry pattern. After refusing to sing until putting on a fan’s bra, she emptied an already angry venue by pulling up a Black girl on stage and asking her: “”Do you really like rock music?” When the girl and the crowd flinched, she clarified: “Because you’re African American. That would be like me being into Lil Wayne.”

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And his diamond teeth are way too bulletproof for Courtney Love to be into him. 

So, is Courtney Love racist? Well … obviously — at least in the dictionary definition sense that she has a lot to say about people based on the color of their skin. But worse (yes, worse than being a racist, I said it) Courtney Love is one of those crusty white Gen X edgelords who says things like “I can say f*g because I’m a gay icon” just to piss off the haters — who at this point comprise of a majority of the human population. Combine that with an apparent lifetime of half-consciousness and grief (Love made a majority of these comments within months after a personal tragedy: Cobain’s death in ’94, being held in a mental ward in ’04, and losing custody of her child in ’09), and it’s no wonder she gets into trouble for saying the first half-baked reactionary bullshit that pops into her grungy mind like she’s auditioning for The Real Housewives of Portland, Oregon

But does Courtney Love hate minorities? That seems highly doubtful. After all, this is also a woman who stood by Kurt Cobain’s outspoken anti-racist screeds, a woman who has vocally lent her support to Black movements and has publically attacked several other people(/enemies) for being racists. And would a real racist give Jay-Z the rights to sample “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” losing out on millions of royalties out of respect for him as a person and artist? And all she asked in return was to be allowed to cover his “99 Problems,” even insisting on respecting the iconic piece of Black music by … singing all the N-words in it.

Oh, goddamnit, Courtney.

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