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Hisense 98-inch U7H Mega ULED – A TV fit for royalty

The new Hisense 98-inch U7H Mega ULED is the ultimate TV for those who only want the biggest and the best.

It instantly becomes the centrepiece of any room, making it the perfect TV for a home theatre or expansive lounge.

This was the consensus in our office after Hisense sent us the 98-inch U7H TV to review.

Below, I unpack my experience with this incredible TV.

Unboxing and setup

When the delivery agent arrived with a box that stood almost shoulder height and stretched over 2 metres wide, I had concerns about how I was going to set this beast up.

I figured the rest of my day would be dedicated to the task. However, Hisense proved me wrong.

The U7H was exceptionally well-packaged, and once unboxed, I discovered that Hisense had fitted the back of the TV with removable handles to give us a good grip.

This made the 67kg, 1.35m x 2.18m behemoth easier to handle – and with a couple of extra hands, I had it unboxed and set up in only 15 minutes.

This is where the magic began.

The ultimate experience

As soon as I hit the ‘On’ button, the TV sprang to life and my colleagues and I stood in awe.

Millions of pixels across more than 2 square metres radiated exceptional colours throughout our studio, enhanced by Hisense’s ULED technology that powers the U7H’s colossal display.

ULED technology ensures Hisense TVs offer brilliant contrasts, clear motion, and distinct detail – and the U7H delivered all of these at an elite level.

This was further enhanced by Quantum Dot Colour, Full Array Local Dimming Pro, and HDR10+ Adaptive, which combine to ensure a spectacular viewing experience with deep blacks and high brightness across all content.

Hisense didn’t settle when it came to refresh rate, either, and it equipped the U7H with a 120Hz panel. This ensured the content I watched was ultra-smooth.

A TV for all occasions

The U7H’s exceptional size makes it the perfect home theatre TV, and its 120Hz native refresh rate makes it the ultimate TV for sports and gaming, too.

This content looks awesome when spread across 98 inches, and is optimised by Hisense’s dedicated Game Mode and Sports Mode features.

The Game Mode leverages the U7H’s HDMI 2.1 input, Auto Low Latency Mode, and AMD FreeSync to ensure you experience your console games at 120Hz in 4K.

For Sports Mode, the U7H uses a high-tech algorithm to remove noise and blur on moving objects – producing crystal clear scenes across the fastest-paced sports.

This enabled me to enjoy stadium-level entertainment from the comfort of our studio.

The U7H’s large size also enabled Hisense to equip it with an exceptional sound system that delivered the most impressive “built-in” audio of any TV I have reviewed.

This sound system created an immersive surround sound experience using Dolby Atmos to deliver lifelike crowd sound and crisp commentary across all the sports I watched.

Treat yourself

The Hisense 98-inch U7H is the biggest TV I have ever seen – and it lives up to all expectations.

It is the TV your friends won’t stop talking about and will ensure your home is the place to be for movies, series, sports, and gaming sessions.

Click here to learn more about the Hisense 98-inch U7H Mega ULED TV now.

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