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‘Good to be back’ Grace Chanda starts training – Mwebantu

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) presidential hopeful, Miles Sampa has described recent appointments in the party as illegal.

Mr Sampa said the appointment of new party Sectretary General Raphael Nakachinda is illegal because the party did not select him through a convention as stipulated in the PF manifesto.

He said currently PF has no president and no SG because the former leaders being Edgar Lungu and Davies Mwila resigned after loss of elections.

Mr Sampa has also since advised Mr Lungu to rest, because his time has passed.

“Mr Nakachinda is illegal, and we shall not allow someone who used to call the late president Michael Sata mad to sleep in the party’s bedroom.

“Then you hear some people say ati ‘Alebwelelapo’. My advise to my brother Edgar Lungu who I respect so much, God gave you seven years. You served your time. Nomba ba kandile (those that like free things) want to lie to you. Zambian’s love you as a former president and I love you as a former president,”

“What will you do that you did not do when you come back? You will spoil your legacy. No president has ever been re-elected, it always ends in tears. Those telling you to come back do not love you. They just want to eat your money. President Lungu resigned from PF a week after he lost elections. PF has no president,let us go to the general conference in Kabwe and choose. You are all masqueraders and hijackers.  If you want , kill me, but a conference should he held,” he said.

Mr Sampa vowed to camp at the party secretariat until the leadership calls for a convention.

(Mwebantu, Friday, 15th September, 2023)

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