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Eskom announces load-shedding schedule for the weekend

Eskom will continue implementing an alternating schedule of Stage 1 load-shedding during the day and Stage 3 at night over the weekend.

In a statement posted on Twitter, the power utility said it would continue to follow the load-shedding schedule it published on Monday, 14 August 2023.

“In order to replenish emergency reserves, Stage 3 load-shedding will be implemented from 16:00 today until 05:00 on Tuesday,” its statement from Monday reads.

“Thereafter, Stage 1 load-shedding will be implemented from 05:00 until 16:00. This pattern will be implemented daily until further notice.”

Eskom likely wouldn’t have to implement any load-shedding during the day if Koeberg’s unit 1 generator was returned to service as scheduled.

Each of Koeberg’s two generating units can contribute around 970MW to the grid, equivalent to nearly one full stage of load-shedding.

Unfortunately, Unit 1’s return to service has been delayed multiple times.

Eskom confirmed this week that mechanical work for replacing steam generators on the unit was completed on 28 July.

“This is the most significant part of the scope, which involved complex activities, and it means that Eskom is now proceeding with the outage activities that could not be performed in parallel with the replacement of the steam generators,” said the power utility.

It added that once these outage activities are completed, the generator will be reloaded with fuel immediately, allowing Eskom to start synchronising it to the grid.

It said the commissioning, including the necessary tests of the new steam generators, will happen while the unit is synchronised to the grid.

“Given all the outstanding activities, Koeberg Unit 1 is planned to be commercially available on 3 November 2023,” it added.

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