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DRC expected to hold elections in December

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is expected to hold elections in December this year.

These will take place amid an ongoing conflict in the east and economic and humanitarian crises.

The DRC is the largest country in the Great Lakes Region and is rich in mineral resources.

But the World Bank has ranked it among the five poorest nations in the world and it has been plagued by decades of conflict, particularly in the east.

Now, as the country prepares for elections the challenges are enormous.

Presidential candidate Willy Tshala Mbenga says, “The President of Burkina Faso didn’t say I don’t want to see the Americans, he said to the government of France not to be involved in Burkina Faso and to leave the country. This is all we want, otherwise is going to be a joke. Many countries in the 1960s got their independence but what can we show for that.”

It is for this reason, he has decided to participate in elections.

Another presidential candidate, Marie Josee-Ifoku believes she can bring change in the DRC.

“What I would like to bring on the table is that I would make my election as a transition so that we can work on things that do not work. It won’t only be a political mandate but is going to be a mandate whereby we will give chance to anyone to rebuild the country. It can be women, men, children or the youth.”

On women in leadership she had this to say.

“I believe it’s really important that women can stand and realise what is happening. As women it is important to be in change and women are able to do so much in the society and it is about time women rise up and take action. We have been depended on western nations and now it is time to take over. ”

As the December date for elections approaches, tensions are expected to increase.


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