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D’Prince Announces Latest Signing To His Label, GDZILLA

D’Prince made an announcement that rocked the internet on August 30, 2023, on his social media website. The head of the music business announced on Twitter that Jonzing World has signed a brand-new musician. This newcomer is referred to as GDZILLA.

What distinguishes this announcement from others? The newly signed artist’s face was obscured to us! They concealed their features with an almost comical dinosaur mask, similar to Lagbaja.

In the photograph, the artist is shown alongside D’Prince donning a grey costume and a dinosaur mask. Because he has only recently created social media profiles, we don’t yet know the artist’s real identity.

Now that D’Prince has made this declaration, all eyes are on him. It’s no secret that D’Prince has a keen eye for talented musicians. Ruger and Rema were both signed to his record company. With their songs, the two musicians have gone on to break records both domestically and internationally. Now everyone is wondering if he can make GDZILLA his third consecutively successful act.

We have a lot of questions about this brand-new, enigmatic artist. But before anything else, we need to know how his music sounds and when his debut song will be released.

D’Prince is raising the stakes while we wait for more GDZILLA-related material.

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