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Digital Marketing Tips for for Small Businesses by Ibhade Akpede – 9News Nigeria


Paying Social Media JobsPaying Social Media Jobs

Digital Marketing is a veritable tool small business owners can use to upscale their businesses to enhance more sales, better customer engagement. But there are some useful tips I’ll like to share to make it achievable
Ever since the inception of technology, alot of existing modalities have been displaced ,the traditional way of marketing disregarded to some extent. The need for digital Marketing to upscale one’s business is now the new norm in which alot of private and public institutions have equally adopted, integrating into their system and small business owners shouldn’t be an exception.
The following tips below can be adopted to get started
Build a strong social media presence.
Having a strong social media presence is a veritable tool in getting your business viable and visible, it is the first step you should think of. It is an avenue in getting your potential customers stay connected to your products and services. Using relevant Platforms like WhatsApp business, Instagram business and Facebook business will be ideal.
Use email marketing to connect with customers.
The use of email marketing get across some category of people in corporate Organizations, Civil Service. It gives your business a sense of relevance and make it more competitive enabling you get your message to them in a professional manner
Expand website marketing
Marketing your products and services through website marketing is an extensive medium you need to consider as well. it’s an avenue to create more visibility for your business,.While people are busy surfing the internet, your products get popped up in other websites and they tend to visit your own website or business page to checkout what you have.
Start using video marketing.
Video marketing is a descriptive way of letting people know what your business entails.. It gives a concise description of what your business can offer. Your potential clients get the exact message of what you’re capable of providing. It’s very important you make it short so your potential customers won’t get disinterested.
Determine your small business’s main goal.
The main goal of your small business should be your utmost priority and it should be the drive behind while you are making use of digital marketing. This is what will keep you focus. You need to know whether you’re trying to engage more sales, meet new customers or create awareness. You should be aware of all these so that the essencel of using digital marketing to upscale your business will not be underachieved

Babatunde Adekanmbi is an experienced media communicator with a demonstrated history of working in the civic and social organization industry. He has worked with organizations like Yali NetWork, Lift Africa Organization, Women For Equality, Inclusion & Sustainability Foundation, Forte Med Foundation. He is skilled in communication, teamwork, volunteering.Babatunde Adekanmbi has a background in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. He is the Team Lead, The MasterClass Initiative; an African Non-Profit Educational Organization creating virtual opportunities for people, particularly young adults. The Masterclass Initiative presents young adults with the opportunity to learn practical subjects, connects them to business academics and organizational leaders for personal, communal development. He’s a Columnist at 9newsNigeria.

Paying Social Media JobsPaying Social Media Jobs
Paying Social Media JobsPaying Social Media Jobs
Paying Social Media JobsPaying Social Media Jobs

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