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Davido Announces Postponement Of “Timeless” Tour

Davido announced plans to end the Timeless Tour in the interim shortly after his concerts in North America and Dubai.

The “FEEL” singer has announced the postponing of his European Timeless Tour on his social media pages. Timeless, his fourth studio album, was released on March 31, 2023 through Davido Music Worldwide, Columbia Records, and Sony Music Entertainment.

He has also in the statement he shared to his social media channels expressed his gratitude for multitudes turning up on many of his that have turned out to be sold-out concerts across North America and Dubai during the “Timeless Tour”.

OBO has, however, decided to postpone the rest of his European tour dates until Q1 2024 following the Manchester performance. With extra time, he can work out some of the production problems he has been having and create a bigger, more immersive presentation for the audience.


As we wait for the tour, we continue to enjoy the album’s buzz because fans and lovers have responded to this news in an understanding manner.

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