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  • OP-ED: CLIMATE CRISIS: Bold, unified continental climate action at COP26 and beyond the only choice for Africa’s future survival

OP-ED: CLIMATE CRISIS: Bold, unified continental climate action at COP26 and beyond the only choice for Africa’s future survival

There are one billion children today living at extremely high risk from climate change and other environmental threats. The lion’s share of this one billion is in Africa and other…

OPINIONISTA: Votes cast for small parties are not wasted votes — they are essential for us to avoid an oligopoly of bad options

The Democratic Alliance has been running radio adverts discouraging people from voting for smaller parties. This is an argument that if honoured only leads to an entrenchment of political oligopoly.

OPINIONISTA: What is team unity? Lessons from a Protea on how difficult debates make a squad bloom

Unity in a team does not mean we all have to agree, nor all fight for exactly the same cause. It doesnand#039;t mean we have to be friends either. Unity…

OPINIONISTA: Gender identity: Your guide to pronouns

In a pickle about pronouns? Get your head around this:

OPINIONISTA: We need a decisive position from the ANC on cadre deployment, not presidential obfuscation

While President Cyril Ramaphosa fiddles on cadre deployment, the country burns. It is impossible to draw sufficient talent from the pool of cadres available to the ANC, hence the breakdown…

2021 LOCAL ELECTIONS Ground Level Report: Nomzamo: A ‘cursed’ Soweto community where campaign promises offer little hope

In the Nomzamo informal settlement in Orlando East, Soweto, service delivery, and hope, are in short supply. Few believe the 1 November vote will change that.

VISUAL IMPAIRMENT: Instead of succumbing to fear and anger after losing her sight, surfer Michele Macfarlane is making waves

It’s a crisp morning at Surfer’s Corner in Muizenberg: a sun-streaked sky over hip-high waves, dotted with wetsuits. To our side, the area’s iconic brightly painted wooden huts are strung…

AFRIKAANS LANGUAGE: An exhilarating linguistic minefield: Be duidelik and dala what you must

What’s up with Afrikaans? And why is Solidariteit meeting with the Thabo Mbeki Foundation for a Dakar-lite in leafy Newlands? From Settlement Dutch to Kaaps, the history of a language…

THE CONVERSATION: COP26: Four key issues to watch as world leaders prepare for the Glasgow climate summit

A cross-section of the world will be at the conference, talking about pathways for reducing global carbon emissions to net zero and building greater resilience. Here are the key points.

Brexit: France seizes British fishing boat in deepening post-Brexit row

LE HAVRE, France, Oct 28 (Reuters) – Britain on Thursday condemned Franceand#039;s andquot;disproportionateandquot; seizure of a British fishing boat in French waters, marking a sharp deterioration in a row over…