Brie Larson Tonight Show Appearance On The Marvels Tour

As the SAG-AFTRA strike officially comes to a close, the Brie Larson Tonight Show appearance officially launches The Marvels promotional tour. It’s been a long winding road to get here, but now that a proper deal has been secured actors everywhere can safely promote their projects. On that note, Academy Award winner Brie Larson graces The Tonight Show to talk all about the new MCU flick and dishes on some much-needed details on the project. From the first moment she hit the stage, she was the embodiment of beauty itself.

Brie Larson Tonight Show Appearance


Dressed to the nines in all white, Brie Larson oozed charisma and charm, flashing her winning and rather contagious smile. She talked about working on The Marvels, how superheroes levitating leads to–hilariously enough–‘eternal wedgies’, and how her co-star Samuel L. Jackson is her best friend…she’s only his 2nd favorite co-star.

During her interview, Larson revealed Jackson considers himself his favorite co-star, a sentiment Larson respects deeply. As the audience roared with laughter at her delivery, Brie Larson’s excellent stage presence was highlighted yet again. And what more could be said about her stunning appearance on the show? One of the most beautiful women in the MCU, Brie Larson always understands the assignment, as seen in her various popular public appearances and red-carpet looks.

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It’s no surprise that when it comes to playing a superhero, Larson embodies the part by putting some serious work in to look the part. Her toned and fit physique was noticeable, an eternal testament to her effort. The Brie Larson Tonight Show appearance was off to a bang as she displayed enthusiasts, an infectious display of charm and charisma during her interview.

Matching Fallon’s screen presence, Brie Larson was finally able to gush all about her experience working on the film. Regarding her fellow cast and crew, Larson had much praise to give. She talked about director Nia DaCosta, describing her as “amazing” as well as all the amazing cosmic adventures the audience can hope to see in the film.

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“I hope you go see it” Larson added humbly. Larson plays Carol Danvers in the film alongside Iman Vellani (Kamala Khan) and Teyonah Parris (Monica Rambeau). Larson’s Carol Danvers shares her affinity for some drop-dead-gorgeous and stunning outfits, which she continues here with a fresh new costume for the new film.

During the Brie Larson Tonight Show appearance, she touched on some of the behind-the-scenes stuff on the film, Larson had some hilarity to add. When talking about all the new rehearsals she had to perform for the film, she took some time to extend a warning to those wanting to be a hero. “To anybody out there thinking about becoming a superhero or you’re a superhero and suddenly you can fly, just know it means an eternal wedgie for everything you ever do after that,” Larson said.

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But that’s not all. During the Brie Larson Tonight Show appearance hijinks, fun and frolic, Larson and Fallon played the singing whisper challenge where both Larson and Fallon had to take turns guessing which song the other was singing whilst wearing headphones that would play loud music. It was a fun, adorable segment, and all the more time to see her gorgeous self.

Brie Larson Surprise Fans At The Marvels Screening

But the fun didn’t stop at the Brie Larson Tonight Show appearance. Brie Larson stopped by Times Square to surprise some fans at a sold-out show for The Marvels. Larson quipped, asking fans if they were excited to see it only for them to respond with the utmost enthusiasm for the film, leaving Larson excited and delighted to hear.

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Taking things up a notch, Larson called up co-star Samuel L. Jackson, who also expressed his gratitude to the fans for coming out to see the film. Brie Larson ended with a little joke about how fun it is when Jackson picks up the phone when she calls him.

For her surprise visit in Times Square, Brie Larson went for an all-black apparel, looking stunning and ethereal in every way. The outfit gracefully hugged her curves and the black leather jacket radiated Carol Danvers energy in every single way. Her stylish boots just scream ‘style icon’ and her radiant smile brings the entire look together.

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All in all, it was great seeing the Brie Larson Tonight Show appearance as she stopped by both here and in Times Square to do some solid promotion for her new film. The Marvels is playing in theaters now.

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