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Breaking News! Thursday Campaign Turns Bloody! -As UP, CDC Supporters Clash

The political tensions in Liberia is said to be intensifying by the day after suppporters of the two major political parties, the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and the Unity Party (UP) clashed in a disturbing display of violence.

The political shuffles between the two parties has however raised serious concerns about the deteriorating state of political discourse and the potential for further escalation as the election day approaches.

The confrontation, according to our Liberia correspondent ensued in Sinkor, District 9, where supporters of both parties had organized separate rallies to garner support for their respective candidates.

Accordingly, ,the violence erupted when a it was reported that UP standard bearer, Jospeh Boakai who announced his visit to his party yesterday, was allegedly prevented from entering into District 9 by supporters of the CDC owing to the presence of their standard bearer, President George M. Weah.

The situation further that led to verbal argument between both parties supporters which later escalated into physical altercations, leaving several injured and businesses damaged.

Additionly, what began as isolated scuffles quickly spiraled into a large-scale clash, involving dozens of enraged supporters from both factions wielding sticks, stones, and other makeshift weapons.

Eventhough, some officers of the Liberia Nationa Police (LNP) quickly intervened and attempted to restore order; they were overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the clashes.

The situation necessitated the deployment of additional security forces to quell the violence, which resulted in several injuries and property damage, as well as stopping the free movement of peaceful citizens including the abrupt cancellation of the UP planned gathering.

It can be recalled that on day one of the campaign activities, supporters of the CDC were seen toting casket bearing the image of Amb. Joseph Boakai.

The parade was performed on the principal streets of Monrovia and ended in front of CDC’s headquarters with key stewards, youths, and executives of the party in attendance.

The group of zealous partisans, mostly youth who carried the casket during the parade sang songs with provocative lyrics such as: “Rest in Peace Amb. Boakai. “We tell you to leave this thing but still you say no”. “Oh, my people, the papy na die oo,” among others.

The act was condemned by the Local, National, and International partners as well as the CDC Leaders and President Weah with a call on the National Elections Commission to ensure that every political party adhered to the Farmington Declaration that call for peaceful and violence-free elections.

As the election day approaches, Liberians are eager to see their politicians rise above petty rivalries and focus on building a better future for the nation.

It is also hoped that this unfortunate incident serves as a wake-up call for all stakeholders, prompting them to prioritize peaceful coexistence and political stability in Liberia.

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