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Apple discontinues iPhone 13 Mini

Apple has officially discontinued the iPhone 13 Mini — the last small-screen smartphone that Apple fans can buy, Engadget reports.

This shouldn’t be a surprise as Apple officially dropped the Mini version of its smartphones with the iPhone 14 line-up, opting to sell a bigger iPhone 14 Plus instead.

Apple first introduced the iPhone Mini with the iPhone 12 range. The smaller-screened smartphone packed the same specs as the standard iPhone 12, just with a smaller battery and display.

The move could have proved promising, with most smartphone manufacturers making devices with screen sizes bigger than six inches, meaning there was a gap in the market for smaller phones.

However, analysts said iPhone 12 Mini sales weren’t up to scratch. Despite this, Apple launched the iPhone 13 Mini in 2021.

It remained in Apple’s portfolio for another year, but the Cupertino-based tech company has since officially dropped the smartphone.

Currently, the only small-screen smartphone available from Apple is the iPhone SE. However, it has less powerful hardware and a significantly lower-quality display.

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