Analyzing The 4 Exciting Fantastic Four Casting Rumors

Rumors about the Fantastic Four casting have been all over the internet regarding which 4 actors will suit up for the film. The upcoming MCU flick has sparked much debate in general thanks to fans’ excitement about how Marvel Studios plans to adapt these iconic characters.

The movie is set to explore the tale of Marvel’s First Family and will be the next attempt at adapting these characters after the less-than-stellar 2015 attempt. Matt Shakman will helm the upcoming film in the MCU’s Multiverse saga. Having worked with Marvel before on the hit Disney Plus series WandaVision, Shakman was ecstatic to take the job despite being slated to direct a Star Trek film. His reason for doing so is to get to work with Marvel again.

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Director Matt Shakman has mentioned he has his list of actors cast and ready to be revealed to the adoring fans but is waiting for the strike to end before the big unveiling. So far, since nothing has been confirmed about the Fantastic Four Casting rumors, let’s take a closer look at the rumored cast for the film.

Vanessa Kirby Invisible Woman

Let’s start our Fantastic Four casting rumors with the one that’s all but confirmed, shall we? Vanessa Kirby is the front-runner for the role of Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman. Vanessa Kirby, known for her role as The White Widow (Alanna Mitsopolis) from the Mission Impossible franchise, has the looks and the acting chops to step into Sue Storm’s shoes. Sue Storm is gifted with invisibility and can create force fields of great strength. When fans think of the blonde-haired superheroine imagine the fanfare she’s about to get, all they need to do is think “Vanessa Kirby Invisible Woman” and they can rest easy knowing Kirby’s immense talent will carry Sue Storm’s character to new heights.

In the comics, she is married to Reed Richards, aka Mr. Fantastic, and the 2 go on to have kids, as well. Since Marvel has mentioned this upcoming film isn’t going to be an origin story it’d be interesting to see if they go with an already-married version of the character. This will give Vanessa Kirby a chance to shine as not only a badass hero but a kind and good-hearted woman and mother.

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Jake Gyllenhaal Mr. Fantastic

Jake Gyllenhaal Mr. Fantastic - Fantastic Four Fan Casting

Jake Gyllenhaal is also rumored to be portraying Reed Richards in the MCU. Known for various popular roles throughout his career— Donny Darko, Nightcrawler, and Source Code to cite a few— Gyllenhaal is an excellent choice for a character like Reed Richards. This character brings with him the opportunity for an actor to portray someone complex, and flawed, and explore the goodness in his heart no matter his flaws. However, since he’s already played Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home, It’s uncertain how they will handle this casting.

Richards is a workaholic and a genius, sometimes neglecting his family in favor of his scientific pursuits. Gyllenhaal is more than fit to portray a character of such complexity. In the comics, Reed once joined The Council of Reeds, a secret council made up of other versions of himself committed to fixing ‘everything’.

Upon realizing that he must give up his family to achieve this, he shows his individuality by doing the one thing the other Reeds failed to do; put his family first. It would be interesting if the film explores that idea by Jonathan Hickman. A Jake Gyllenhaal Mr. Fantastic makes a ton of sense in terms of casting.

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Line - Fantastic Four Fan Casting

If I were to think that someone could contend for a role like this I’d have to say it’d be John Krasinski. He was both a fan cast and finally portrayed the character in Doctor Strange: in the Multiverse of Madness. That means maybe he could suit up again. So far though, Krasinski has denied involvement in any future MCU projects.

Joseph Quinn The Human Torch

Joseph Quinn The Human Torch - Fantastic Four Casting

Joseph Quinn is strongly rumored to “flame on!” and take flight as the cocky but loveable hotshot, Johnny Storm. Also known as the Human Torch, Johnny is both Sue Storm’s younger brother and the youngest member of the team. Fans will remember rocking out with Quinn in Stranger Things Season 4 where the star played the sympathetic and all-too-relatable rockstar Eddie Munson as he shredded in the Upside Down playing ‘Master of Puppets’ by the famed Metallica.

Since he played Eddie Munson so well, Quinn can count on that experience when playing Johnny Storm because making a character that’s a hothead and brash also likable is a tightrope to walk but Quinn is up to the task. I can see a casting director thinking “Joseph Quinn The Human Torch”… and saying it just sounds epic.

Since this version of Johnny Storm will exist in the MCU, there’s also a chance to have him develop a rivalry with Spider-Man. In Marvel comics, the two heroes were often at odds with each other, trying to one-up one another constantly. But underneath all of that, an unbreakable bond would go on to form between the 2 of them, and they’d go on to become the best of friends.

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Line - Fantastic Four Casting

On the topic of Stranger Things, though, another actor I could see in the role would be none other than Joe Keery. Keery managed to use his wit, charm, and the wonderful writing by the team behind the show and turn what was meant to be a take on the stereotypical bully into arguably the biggest fan-favorite character on the show. That kind of transition takes tons of skill, one I know Keery can bring to the role if he would be cast. Here’s hoping.

Ebon Moss-Bachrach The Thing

Ebon Moss-Bachrach The Thing - Fantastic Four Casting

“Ebon Moss-Bachrach The Thing” admittedly might not be the first thing fans might think of, but it is an interesting choice. it’s currently rumored strongly that Ebon Moss-Bachrach will most likely portray the ever-lovin blue-eyed Thing. Ben Grimm is an important casting to get right, as the character has a long-standing history of being known as both the muscle and, most importantly the heart of the group.

Grimm is the best friend of Reed Richards. Of the group, the only one that reflects how horrible these life-altering abilities can be is The Thing. His body undergoes a complete metamorphosis turning him into a rock-solid juggernaut who can take anything an enemy may throw at him.

While this is a great boon for the Fantastic Four as a superhero team, it also renders Grimm unable to live a relatively normal life, something his friends and teammates could continue to do despite their abilities. Reed Richards makes it a goal to help Ben, but at times there can be a rift between the two over the subject.

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We’ve seen Bachrach portray the role of Micro in the Netflix series The Punisher, where his character assists Frank Castle on his mission. It’d be interesting to see him take on a role as complex as The Thing, as it carries a ton of weight to it.

Line - Fantastic Four Marvel Casting

On that note, some fans have speculated in the past that Jason Segel would be the one playing The Thing, and I have to agree. I think Segel, known for his role as Marshall Eriksen in the famous sitcom How I Met Your Mother, as well as films like Forgetting Sarah Marshall could bring that humanity and tenderness to the otherwise tough exterior of that character. The contrasting humanity to that bulky form is very important for the MCU nails, and he’d be as good an actor to do it.


So far, we’re all on the edges of our collective seats here regarding the news of the official Fantastic Four casting. In the meantime, all we can do is speculate. Fan castings are always a hot topic that has gained even more popularity in recent years as Marvel Studios have granted some of them in their films.

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Doctor Strange’s Benedict Cumberbatch was also at one point a highly fan-casted character in that role, till the MCU swooped in and made it an officially done deal. Thanks to that brilliant decision, we’ve gotten some of the best Doctor Strange content with Cumberbatch in the role and we do not doubt that whoever it is that’s cast in the upcoming Fantastic Four flick would fit those roles well.

With Marvel’s casting mostly being on-point, we remain excited to see who will be the official MCU’s Fantastic Four.

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