Ana Nogueira Supergirl Screenwriter DC’s Woman Of Tomorrow

Ana Nogueira, known for her previous work on a spinoff from The Flash, is now set to write the script for Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow. This film, part of the new DC cinematic universe initiated by James Gunn, will focus on the character of Supergirl, Clark Kent’s cousin. This assignment marks a significant addition to the franchise, especially after the tumultuous releases of 2023 and Warner Bros.’s recent controversial decisions.

Ana Nogueira Supergirl Screenwriter

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow represents a departure from Gunn’s direct involvement, raising questions about whether Nogueira’s original vision from her 2022 project, which was to star Sasha Calle, will be incorporated into this new narrative. The film is expected to draw inspiration from the comic Woman of Tomorrow, differentiating Supergirl from her more famous cousin, who is central to the new DCU’s launch with Superman Legacy. Speculation continues about who will direct this eagerly anticipated project.

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