Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister-in-law residing as ‘squatter’: ‘I’m broke’

Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister-in-law living as ‘squatter’: ‘I’m broke’

Cristiano Ronaldo has a lot to contend with right now. Not only is his standing at Manchester United being questioned, but he is also facing continuous criticism on social media from fans of the English Premier League team.

Ronaldo is also set to “tell-all” about his experience at the club in a bombshell interview with Piers Morgan, which will air this week.

But whilst the acclaimed footballer has his family’s full support, he has had to deal with another scandal – his fiance Georgina Rodriguez’s sister Patricia – who have accused the wealthy couple of “deserting her”.


Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister Elma Aveiro has shared her support for her younger sibling on her own Instagram account. In a series of Stories, the businesswoman shared:

 “I will always be proud of you my dear” alongside a picture of Ronaldo being interviewed by Piers Morgan.

In another IG Story, calling the 36-year-old the “biggest pride of my life”.

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In a third, she shared a screenshot of Ronaldo speaking out against Manchester United boss Erik ten Hag, whom he claims is “disrespectful” towards him.

Elma captioned the image: “’The truth is being told”.

Ronaldo’s other sister Katia Aveiro shared a lengthy Instagram post praising her brother’s strength and resiliency – especially in the face of criticism.


Meanwhile, the sister of Ronaldo’s fiance Georgina Rodriguez has publicly vented about the couple not financially assisting her.

Patricia Rodriguez spoke to the Spanish TV show Socialite, sharing that she has been a “squatter” for several years. She also lamented the wealthy duo for “deserting” her and her children.

She said: “I’m broke and my sister doesn’t help me. What hurts me the most are my children, not me.

“After all, I can get by on a piece of bread, but my children, who are her nephews and nieces…”

She added: “I wasn’t expecting this from my sister. Sometimes I have enough to eat, other times I don’t. Sometimes I have enough to pay the rent, other times I don’t.”

Appealing directly to Georgina – who lives a lavish lifestyle, partly thanks to her partner Cristiano Ronaldo – the sister said: “’I know you have no obligation or responsibility, but as you are supportive of and so good with others, at least be so with your nephews and nieces/

“If you don’t want to help me, help your nephews and nieces”.

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