Is The End Of Days Near? All Signs Point To…Maybe?

As we dive into the final quarter of the calendar yr, one can’t lend a hand however begin to replicate on how issues have long past to this point. Sadly, I believe we will all agree: 2022 has been lovely tough. 

Sky prime fuel costs, child method scarcity, the struggle in Europe, and the go back of low-rise denims. I imply, may just it get any worse?

I’m usually now not the superstitious kind or a believer in prophecy, however issues are getting lovely dire in the market on the planet. So I will see how some other folks would possibly get started on the lookout for indicators of our long run. I’m extra of a Magic 8 Ball fan myself. Nonetheless, for a laugh, I assumed I’d achieve again into a few of my biblical and astrological wisdom for a glance into what lies forward.

I By no means Did Like Horses

In contrast to maximum little ladies, I used to be by no means all that into horses. I to find them to be stinky and a ways too accepting of flies. 

That doesn’t imply I’m now not acquainted with essentially the most well-known horses, and I’m now not relating to Black Attractiveness or Seabiscuit. As a substitute, I’m speaking in regards to the originals: the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Those foul furry beasts represent a vital a part of Revelations and may just point out the place we may well be as of late. As a refresher, the ones 4 naughty little ponies are:

  1. the White Horse, which is Pestilence
  2. the Purple Horse, which is Warfare
  3. the Black Horse, which is Famine
  4. the Light Horse, which is Dying

So, are those equestrian omens roaming the Earth as we discuss, or must I say, as you learn this? Let’s see.

I Seemed, And Behold!

I wouldn’t describe myself as a non secular girl, despite the fact that I’d say I’m a girl of religion. I consider in a better energy, and I believe that I used to be made fallible and intended to try to be higher than I used to be the day prior to.

All that to mention, I’m really not a theologian, so stay that during thoughts as I get away how the 4 horsemen from Revelations may well be driving round our neighborhoods. First, let’s check out Pestilence.

Pestilence is a little difficult; the White Horse is ceaselessly related to some form of scourge or illness. Then again, I will be able to use a little of inventive license in keeping with Revelation 6: 1-2:

“I seemed, and behold, a white horse, and he who sat on it had a bow; and a crown used to be given to him, and he went out conquering and to triumph over.”

My husband argues that our Pestilence is COVID, however I urge to fluctuate. I believe our White Horse isn’t a literal illness. Then again, a virulent disease nonetheless infects each and every facet of our civilization: wokeness. 

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Simply undergo with me and chunk in this for a spell. Woke Democratic Socialists are attempting to triumph over each and every facet of society till all were conquered. Increase. Thoughts blown.

What About The Different 3 Horsemen?

Don’t worry; I haven’t forgotten in regards to the Purple, Black, and Light horses. The great outdated Warfare horse can also be the rest at this level, due to the satan might care international coverage of the Biden management.

Take your pick out; struggle in jap Europe with Russia, teetering with China, or perhaps it’s the approaching of a 2nd Civil Warfare as such a lot of speaking heads have contemplated or, dare I say, attempted to stoke. Then you’ve got Famine. 

There used to be a toddler method scarcity that threatened to starve our small children. There also are grain and meals shortages due to the struggle in Ukraine and the horrible provide chain. However we will not be at full-blown global famine…but.

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After which, in any case, you’ve got Dying. Our lifestyles expectancy in the USA is in decline for the primary time in a very long time. May it’s as a result of we’ve got grown adults flocking to McDonald’s for the grownup Satisfied Meal? Or is it as it’s the tip of days!

In truth, I believe both is a cast resolution. The discharge of grownup Satisfied Foods may well be synonymous with the tip of days. Simply sayin’.

Has This Been Foretold By way of Anyone Else?

Assume you aren’t fascinated with my novice theological prediction. If that’s the case, shall we at all times simply see what the knowledgeable has to mention – the only, the one, Nostradamus. A laugh reality, Nostradamus additionally wrote a cookbook which, for some strange reason why, didn’t obtain the similar degree of notoriety as his different works.

Throughout the cookbook have been more than a few recipes for jellies and jams to incorporate a ‘love jam’ made with sparrow’s blood and eyelets from an octopus arm. Then again, I’m now not so positive my pallet would approve.

However we aren’t right here to change recipes with the well-known seer. His well known paintings is that ‘Les Prophesies’ revealed in 1555. 

The ebook is a number of his convoluted poetry referred to as quatrains. Inside of those hard-to-decipher verses are allegedly more than a few predictions, together with the upward thrust of Hitler, the assassination of JFK, and the 9/11 assaults. 

But it surely’s a contemporary match that has made the impeccably bearded prognosticator en style.

Say What?

Allegedly, Nostradamus predicted the Queen’s loss of life, which has other folks flocking to bookstores to soak up the phrases of the good predictor. He additionally predicted an asteroid strike, inflation and hunger, and AI robots taking on the sector in 2022.

Up to now, he’s nailed inflation. I’m nonetheless looking ahead to SkyNet to come back on-line. Most likely the strangest prediction Nostradamus had used to be that zombies would sooner or later be created.

He wrote of this match:

“Fathers and moms lifeless of endless sorrows, Girls in mourning, the pestilent she-monster : The Nice One to be not more, the entire global to finish.”

Yikes, that’s some lovely terrifying darkish stuff there, my apocalyptic buddy. I’m slightly positive I’ve been referred to as a pestilent she-monster prior to; if now not, I purpose to be sooner or later.

Up to now, no zombies, no less than none within the conventional sense. As a substitute, I guess we’ve all grow to be techno-zombies hooked on our little displays on our outsized telephones. 

Time To Prep And To find Jesus

Are the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse clip-clopping their method via our civilization? Did Nostradamus see into our long run? Must I put money into blunt melee guns to successfully and successfully protect myself from the zombie onslaught? 

I don’t know. I will let you know that I’d be take hold of in a zombie apocalypse principally as a result of I’d have a strict rule; no new individuals of the pack. You by no means tackle new other folks; perfect to stick lean and cell. 

All kidding apart, it does appear bleak in the market, but it surely’s now not all dangerous. The general public are excellent and sort, and on a daily basis there are billions of little acts of affection expressed between people; it’s simply now not reported as a lot.

However, simply in case, we must most probably be weary of any robots. I’ve noticed Terminator, and I’m NO Sarah Connor. 

Now could be the time to reinforce and percentage the resources you consider.
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