‘Andor’ Episode 4 Recap: Awesome Star Wars Easter Eggs and References, Explained

Episode 4 of Big name Wars sequence Andor hit Disney Plus on Wednesday, revealing Rogue One hero Cassian’s subsequent steps into the supersecret riot towards the totalitarian Empire, after he deserted his circle of relatives, buddies and residential in ultimate week’s three-episode premiere. The fourth episode additionally introduces a well-known heroic face and a brand new one within the Imperial risk, in addition to a features a bunch of amusing Easter eggs and nods to Big name Wars lore.

The display takes position 5 years sooner than 2016 derivative film Rogue One, which printed the occasions main into the unique Big name Wars movie, A New Hope. Existence on this galaxy kinda sucks on this generation, when Emperor Palpatine’s forces are increasing their sphere of affect and enveloping odd people in a vicelike grip.

At the run from the regulation, Cassian (Diego Luna) escaped with rise up recruiter Luthen Rael (Stellan Skarsgård) for portions unknown. Let’s take a look at our hero’s new scenario, see how the seeds of riot are being planted on the middle of galactic energy and meet our impeccably adapted baddies. An Empire of SPOILERS awaits.


The pitch

HYPERSPACE — Luthen remains to be supercool as he convinces Cassian to sign up for the rise up motive, reasoning that he is already earned a dying sentence via stealing from the Empire. The nihilist Cassian reckons preventing the Empire is a waste of time — higher to reside no matter existence you’ll be able to carve out below that regime. 

“You can in the end die preventing those bastards,” the charismatic recruiter says. “So what I am asking you is that this: Would not you quite give it to one thing actual, than carve off needless items till there is not anything left?”

Luthen Rael looks intently at the camera he stands in the corridor of his ship in Andor

Luthen Rael is not messing round.


It is necessarily a repeat of Luthen’s speech again on Ferrix, however Skarsgård is so magnetic that I might thankfully watch him riff in this identical level 1,000,000 alternative ways.

Luthen finds that he got here to Ferrix to recruit Cassian to sign up for a heist at the quarterly payroll for all the Imperial sector — possibly in an effort to bankroll the riot whilst hurting the enemy. 

The fabulously dressed Galactic Empire

CORUSCANT, THE GALACTIC CAPITAL — A piece of this episode takes us to the seat of Palpatine’s Empire and introduces the villains of the Imperial Safety Bureau, or ISB. This regulation enforcement and intelligence company is liable for holding the citizenry firmly below the regime’s keep an eye on, and is most often horrifying and nasty.

However rattling, those other people glance very good of their white uniforms. Chances are you’ll recall Orson Krennic from Rogue One dressing in a equivalent outfit; he is a director within the ISB-linked Imperial Army Division of Complicated Guns Analysis and secretly running at the Loss of life Big name at this level within the timeline.

Dedra Meero looks cautious as she walks through a white room in Andor

Dedra Meero is forward of the sport (and dressed magnificently), however the Empire’s construction is not maintaining along with her.


A number of the impeccably adapted, and most definitely the display’s primary Imperial baddy, is Manager Dedra Meero (Denise Gough). Listening to in regards to the mess the company safety pressure made on Ferrix because it attempted to catch Cassian, she turns into intrigued even supposing it is outdoor her purview — in the end suggesting that it hints at an arranged rise up effort. 

Her snide boss, Main Partagaz (Anton Lesser, whom chances are you’ll take into accout taking part in creepy ex-Maester Qyburn in Sport of Thrones), does not suppose there is sufficient proof and is just too fascinated with keeping up forms to take a more in-depth glance. He just about tells her to stick in her lane.

The Imperials do a number of sneering at each and every different as they are trying to climb the ladder — this may well be uninteresting, however everyone seems to be so fabulously dressed and the performing is so excellent that it is all tremendous attractive.

Did I point out how a lot I love their uniforms?

Mon Mothma looks concerned as she arrives in a beautiful apartment in Andor

Mon Mothma is taking part in a deadly sport.


An actor prepares

At the different facet of the coin is Sen. Mon Mothma, whom chances are you’ll take into accout from her iconic “Many Bothans died…” speech in Go back of the Jedi. Filling the position here’s Genevieve O’Reilly, who portrayed the nature in Revenge of the Sith (even though maximum of her scenes had been deleted), Rogue One, and CGI animated sequence Rebels.

She’s secretly spearheading the nascent Insurrection Alliance and mainly the anti-Palpatine. It is superior to look her on this paranoid surroundings — the Empire is obviously onto her, however she’s too outstanding to do away with. 

As Luthen returns to Coruscant, he dons a lush curly wig, a marvelous outfit and foppish demeanor as a part of his quilt — the owner of a complicated vintage retailer catering to the capital’s elites. Skarsgård is as soon as once more magnificent on this facet of the position, and the multilayered efficiency makes his assembly with Mon a pride to observe. Luthen has obviously been finding out area Stanislavski.

Luthen Rael looks friendly as he chats with Mon Mothma in Andor

Luthen adopts a marvelous new character as he meets Mon.


They may be able to’t believe Mon’s new motive force, so he places on a large flamboyant display as she enters below the guise of having a gift for her husband. He drops the facade and turns into his intense rise up self simplest when they are on my own. 

She’s suffering to get entry to finances for the riot and desires to convey any individual new into their tightly managed internal circle — a dangerous transfer, and Luthen is not wild about it.

“It is a bold selection, however I believe you can have the braveness to show again if it will have to be a little a lot,” he says, reassuming his character and hitting us with some tasty subtext.

Assembly the partner

At Mon’s surprising condo, we meet her up to now unseen husband Perrin Fertha (Alastair Mackenzie). He comes throughout as a hedonistic jerk, and is most definitely the very best quilt for her actions (even though she’s obviously annoyed with him). It is imaginable that is simply some other act and Perrin is in at the riot, however we do not get any sense of that right here.

Emperor Palpatine declares the formation of the Galactic Empire in the Senate in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

Sly Moore (observed at the proper) used to be at Palpatine’s facet when he declared the formation of the Galactic Empire in Revenge of the Sith. It used to be all lovely suspicious.


He is organized a complicated dinner for his previous military pal, and Mon notices two prime stage Imperials a few of the visitors:

  • Ars Dangor is one among Palpatine’s primary advisors, and most probably probably the most guys in humorous hats observed in his throne room in Go back of the Jedi.
  • Sly Moore is the bald, pale-skinned lady observed via Palpatine’s facet in Assault of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. She’s probably the most few individuals who know his true identification as Sith Lord Darth Sidious. And her first title suggests she’s to not be depended on.

She additionally mentions the planet Ghorman’s transport lanes being bring to an end, probably dooming other people to hunger. The Empire will in the end slaughter blameless protesters in this international, pushing Mon to publicly blame Palpatine and claim open riot round 3 years after this level within the timeline. 

Mainly, Mon Mothma is surrounded via enemies, can not believe any person and all of it sounds quite irritating. It is lovely very good to observe, and I in point of fact hope we this entire dinner play out in a long run episode.

A staff of rebels

ALDHANI — Sooner than his commute to Coruscant, Luthen drops Cassian off in this carefully populated (however quite inexperienced and luxurious) international. The Empire took it over to be used as a distribution level in its galactic conquest, messing up the natives’ historical way of living below the guise of employment alternatives.

We are additionally presented to the suspicious rise up staff of all-new characters led via Vel Sartha (Faye Marsay), with Imperial Lt. Gorn (Sule Rimi) as their man at the inside of. They are most commonly lovely darn unsatisfied with having Cassian sign up for the gang simply days sooner than their heist is going down.

Their goal is a large, fortified Imperial garrison and they’ve to wreck right into a vault with the intention to get their arms at the payroll sooner than escaping in a freighter. They will use a celestial match as quilt, however it is all lovely darn unhealthy.

Cassian is below drive to catch up in time for the heist and has to tug all-nighters, which strikes a chord in my memory how I used to take care of task cut-off dates in my school days, however with means upper stakes right here.

Rogue ideas, unanswered questions and Easter eggs

  • This display is so grounded and plausible that it is simple to put out of your mind that the galaxy is administered via a cackling area wizard who shoots lightning from his arms and as soon as shouted “Uuuuunlimited powerrrrr” as he did so.
  • The track that performs over the outlet titles is wildly thrilling; composer Nicholas Britell (Moonlight and Succession) provides an entire layer of depth to this display.
  • The attention-catching helmet behind Luthen’s vintage store seems precisely just like the “Darkish Lord’s Armor” worn via Galen Marek (aka Starkiller) in The Drive Unleashed. The nature followed this search for the 2008 sport’s darkish facet trade storyline. It is not canon, nevertheless it nonetheless seems cool as heck.
  • Additionally visual within the store — which is an Easter egg treasure trove — are a Mandalorian armor set, a Twi’lek Kalikori, drugs with arms related to The International Between Worlds, what seems to be an Indiana Jones whip encased in carbonite, and imaginable Sith and Jedi holocrons, amongst different cool pieces.
  • Cassian mentions being pressured to battle for the Empire on unpleasantly muddy international Mimban when he were given out of jail at 16, and it sounds so much just like the chaotic combat observed in Solo. Cassian will have crossed paths with our boy Han.
  • Luthen offers Cassian a lovely superior necklace as a down cost for his paintings with the rebels — a necklace with a kyber crystal. Those uncommon stones are attuned to the Drive and an crucial a part of a lightsaber, in addition to the Loss of life Big name’s planet-destroying superlaser.  
  • The crystal “celebrates the rebellion towards the Rakatan invaders,” consistent with Luthen. This species used to be first observed in noncanon 2003 online game Knights of the Outdated Republic, so this amusing reference brings them again into the continuity.
  • Cassian makes use of the alias Clem, after the past due adoptive father we met in the former episode’s flashbacks.
  • The ISB assembly features a point out of Ryloth, the Twi’lek homeworld observed in CGI animated sequence The Clone Wars and Rebels.
  • The Empire is it seems that mining at the far off international Arvala-6. Arvala-7 is the planet the place Mando reveals Grogu in the primary episode of The Mandalorian, which takes position a couple of years after Go back of the Jedi.
  • The Empire makes use of the Ferrix fiasco as an excuse to grasp keep an eye on of the Morlana machine — vintage colonialism. The Company Safety guys are concerned, together with our good friend Syril Karn (Kyle Soller).
  • The title “Hosnian High” is one of the bulletins as Syril arrives house to Coruscant — that’ll change into the capital of the New Republic a long time after the Empire’s fall and is destroyed via the First Order in The Drive Awakens.
  • The slap/hug Syril’s mother Eedy greets him with hints at a unusual courting.
  • One of the vital Aldhani team mentions rise up extremist Noticed Gerrera, a fantastic however unhealthy persona observed in The Clone Wars, Rebels and Rogue One.
  • Wonder’s present Darth Vader comedian sequence sees dinner visitor Sly Moore embroiled in felony syndicate Purple Break of day’s plot to kill Vader. This story is ready between The Empire Moves Again and Go back of the Jedi, so just about a decade after the occasions of this display.
  • I have been in need of a Mon Mothma tale since 2016, once I came about on a statement that her previous can be printed in a singular. That became out to be an April Idiot’s funny story, however the thought used to be so thrilling that it is caught in my thoughts for the ultimate six years. I am happy Andor is giving her the highlight.

Come again for extra Easter eggs and observations subsequent Wednesday, Oct. 5, when episode 5 of Andor hits Disney Plus.

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