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Watch | Highway robbery: Armed thugs block N3 traffic to steal from driver


Dec 13, 2021

What a terrible ordeal this must have been for the victim: Police are searching for at least four suspects, after a gang of armed thieves picked out their target in the middle of busy N3 traffic this weekend.

Gillooly’s grab: Armed robbery stuns onlookers

A Silver Nissan Tida, with the license number WGP673GP on its plates, was used by the criminals. The all-male group executed their plan with chilling precision, after turning onto the Gillooly’s Interchange in Gauteng.

Caring very little for the N3 traffic in their rearview mirror, these thugs got to work on the unfortunate target. After pulling in front of the motorist, the Nissan slows down, and blocks the road forward. The driver makes a late attempt to steer out of harm’s way, but a gun-wielding robber manages to halt any possible escape.

Watch: Highway robbery in the middle of N3 traffic!

Others crooks then emerge from the car in front descending upon the helpless victim in the process. The vehicle, as well as the individual, were raided for all the goods available. The video ends with the gang getting back into the Nissan.

#ArmedRobbery Armed robbery N3 at Gillooly’s interchange Gauteng.. @BOSBEER2006 @WCLiveTraffic @MARIUSBROODRYK @News24 @eNCA @SAPoliceService pic.twitter.com/EQyzuFR4Gb

— BOSBEER.COM (@BOSBEER2006) December 13, 2021

Armed robbery on the N3 at the Gillooly’s interchange. Four male suspects driving a Sliver Nissan Tida reg: WGP673GP. pic.twitter.com/qLfIdEdGmQ

— Vehicle Trackers (@VehicleTrackerz) December 13, 2021

*For whatever reason, the date in the video is wrong: This is a very recent incident.

N3 highway robbery – latest news and updates

We’re still waiting to hear if any arrests have been made in the N3 traffic incident, and – all being well – the clear video evidence should help SAPS track down this despicable mob in the days to come.

The videos have caused some heated debate online, with people wondering if the victim could have done more to escape the situation. However, it’s a lot easier to plan a route out of trouble when you’re behind a keyboard, and not facing immediate danger. After all, the driver got out of there alive, and that’s what counts.

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