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The perfect gift! How to support the Rhino Orphanage this Christmas


Dec 13, 2021

If you’re looking for a unique and meaningful gift for your friends and loved ones this Christmas, why not support the rhino relocation project? It is reported that the Rhino Orphanage based in the Limpopo Province has been gifted 4 800 hectares of land to use for rehabilitation of the species.

Support the Rhino Orphanage this Christmas

This prompted the orphanage to call on donors for support in making this a reality as the costs are huge to construct new bomas, camps and overnight rooms.

The orphanage is currently located on 80 hectares, but luckily, the 4 800 hectares of pristine land, will provide “plentiful grazing, browsing and an endless supply of natural water”.

“It means freedom for the rhino orphans at an earlier age, growing wilder and stronger, living like they were supposed to before our own species took away everything,” the official website states.

“Here they will be safe, free to breed and help save a species which is balancing on the brink of extinction.”

Transforming 4 800 hectares of land

The team plans on revamping the current buildings into a milk kitchen, a clinic, a dedicated arrival room, facilities for their passionate and dedicated carers and anti-poaching team, water provisions and more.

Your Christmas gift will therefore enable the orphanage to give the species their own “a paradise”. 

A rhino paradise

The funds will ultimately be used for:

The new water provision system Response and arrival room revampThe rhino hotel (overnight rooms)The rhino kitchenRhino nursery and daycare (camp and boma system)Special needs rhinos (camp system)The rhino hospital (clinic and medical facility)Paradise – the overall project.

Your friend or family member will then receive a special Christmas certificate from the orphanage stating what their gift supports.

The group currently raised a quarter of the funds needed. Here’s how to get involved.

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