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Rapper Vector Offers Some Advice To New Artistes


Dec 13, 2021

Nigerian rapper Vector has dished out some advice to upcoming musicians.

According to the ‘King Kong’ rapper, it’s unhealthy for an artiste to compare their growth in the music industry to other artistes.

‘As a rapper, I don’t know why any musician at all should be comparing their growth with any person’s own so just do your own”, he said.

Vector also spoke against critics calling out rappers for switching genres at a point in their career.

“I have a problem with the comments coming from the people because at the end of the day I know how the purist in rap wants to keep rap sacred but the truth about it is Africans are blessed in a dynamic way so if any average person doing a business can venture into other things, why can’t a rapper do multiple genres especially if the person is talented. so Africans need to understand that we are in Africa we are born into rhythm we are born into music differently so it’s ok for an African rapper to be his African self”

Watch the Video below:

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