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Zuma hits out at ‘directionless’ Ramaphosa – in explosive book chapter


Dec 12, 2021

Grab the popcorn, because things are getting spicy between two giants of the ANC. Former President Jacob Zuma has taken an almighty swipe at his successor, branding Cyril Ramaphosa as a ‘directionless leader’.

What Jacob Zuma says about Cyril Ramaphosa in his new book

The catty remarks were made in Msholozi’s new book, Jacob Zuma Speaks. The 79-year-old pulls no punches, in a publication where he hits out at the judiciary, and takes pot-shots at his political enemies.

Ramaphosa is certainly on uBaba’s naughty list, and there won’t be any Christmas cards exchanged between the pair this year. The two figures represent fiercely different factions of the ANC, and their personal battles are now spilling onto the published pages of autobiographies and memoirs alike.

Ramaphosa is accused of ‘not leading the ANC in any particular direction’.The president gets an earful for ‘watering down’ the party’s NASREC resolutions.Zuma questions what Ramaphosa has actually achieved during almost four years in office.The former ANC leader also blasted various ‘commissions’ set up by Cyril.According to Mr. Zuma, Ramaphosa has shown ‘no leadership’ on landlessness or poverty.

Midnight press conference to launch Jacob Zuma Speaks

Zuma launched the book just before midnight on Friday evening, in what was apparently a nod to his late-night Cabinet reshuffles and subsequent media briefings. He was flanked by JGZ Foundation spokesperson Mzwanele Manyi, and his daughter Duduzile Zuma-Sambudla – who has emerged as a PR supremo for her old man.

Virtual Book Launch – 10/12/2021
Details on where and how to get the book are in the next tweet. pic.twitter.com/5C4eunRPUS

— JGZuma Foundation (Official) (@JGZ_Foundation) December 10, 2021

Ramaphosa branded ‘directionless’ by predecessor

Zuma’s criticism of Ramaphosa in his book was wholly scathing, and one paragraph in particular sums up the disdain that JZ holds for Cyril. Here’s what Nkandla’s best-known resident had to say:

“To this end, there have been a number of commissions by the ANC leadership and under Ramaphosa to try and avoid the resolution of the ANC 54th conference, or to water it down. With Ramaphosa at the helm for almost four years, South Africa appears directionless, almost lost on critical issues of landlessness, poverty, and inequality,”

Jacob Zuma

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