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RDP housing SCAM ALERT: Human settlement issues warning


Dec 12, 2021

The Department of Human Settlements (DHS) has warned citizens to beware of online Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP) housing scam artists who promise to provide victims with houses but then disappear with their money.

“The Department of Human Settlements (DHS) wishes to warn potential beneficiaries of the fully subsidised government homes to be careful of individuals and social media pages purporting to assist them to apply for RDPs also known as BNGs,” the department said on Sunday.

“The department has come across a number of pages on social media, claiming to assist people to apply for BNGs. Some of these scammers (promise) to assist people who applied for ‘RDP houses since 1996’ and others ‘assist’ with online applications for ‘2021/2022’,” the DHS said.

“The DHS would like to state clearly that the applications for BNGs can only be done at the Provincial Departments of Human Settlements and local municipalities, Any information directing people to another site must be viewed with suspicion,” the department said.

According to advice on www.lawforall.co.za here is what RDP housing applicants need to know to avoid falling pray to a scam when seeking an RDP house:

What to know about buying an RDP house

In the event that you are offered an RDP house without the seller having the necessary documentation (title deed & permission), you should also report them to their local Housing Department and the Police.Remember, someone wanting to sell their RDP home cannot do so in the first 8 years of occupancy, after which it must be offered to the State firstThe seller must have written consent from the Department of HousingOnce a house is sold, a letter of authority from the deeds office must be attached to the sale agreementThere is no charge for title deeds.

For more information, the public is urged to contact local municipalities, provincial departments of human settlement or the national Department of Human Settlements on 0800 146 873 or send an email to info@dhs.gov.za.

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