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COVID test prices SLASHED – here’s what you’ll now pay for a PCR


Dec 12, 2021

And it’s about time, too. The extortionate cost of a PCR test has long been a source of bitter contention in South Africa, effectively pricing out a large number of people who need to see if they’re COVID-positive. However, a ‘groundbreaking’ agreement between the Competition Commission and two private labs has changed that.

How much does a COVID PCR test cost?

Going forward, people requiring a PCR test will no longer be asked to pay R850 each time – a figure that looks more ludicrous with each glance. Instead, the new price structure will see individuals pay just R500 instead.

Of course, that’s still a substantial amount for a family of four, as an example – but it’s certainly a step in the right direction. The prices quoted include VAT, and customers will now save 42% when they purchase these tests.

BREAKING : The price of #PCR #COVID19 tests in SA’s private sector will GO DOWN from R850/test to R500 (incl VAT).

This comes after an agreement between the Competition Commission and 2 major private labs, Ampath (Du Buisson Kramer Swart Bouwer Incorporated) + @LancetLab_ZA.

— Mia Malan (@miamalan) December 12, 2021

Worth the wait?

Speaking on Sunday, Competition Commission officials explained that they had received a wave of complaints about the ‘inflated and unjustifiable’ costs associated with securing PCR tests, which are essential for travel in and out of the country. But, almost two years into a pandemic, a fairer framework has now been hammered out

“The Competition Commission has reached a ground-breaking agreement with two major laboratories, Du Buisson Kramer Swart Bouwer Incorporated (Ampath), Drs Mauff AC & Partners t/a Lancet Laboratories (Lancet Laboratories), on the substantial reduction of COVID-19 PCR test prices.”

“On 8 October 2021, the Competition Commission received a formal complaint from the Council for Medical Schemes (CMS) against private pathology laboratories alleging that the price for supplying PCR tests for COVID-19 is unfairly inflated, exorbitant and/or unjustifiable.”

Competition Commission

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