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The chips are down: Pringles changes vegan-friendly recipe to ‘save costs’


Dec 3, 2021

Pringles are some of the best snacks out there. What made them even better, especially for vegans, is that they contained no animal products… until recently, that is.

Veganism is on the rise! While most brands are adapting their products to accommodate the growing lifestyle choice, Pringles has done the total opposite.


With the brand slipping in milk-based products on the sly, it took some time for vegan chip eaters to realise.

Pringles have a few flavours that were safe for the animal cruelty-free folk to eat. Sweet Chili, Smokey Bacon, Original, Paprika and Texas BBQ Sauce were all safe… however, no more.

Vegan Food UK contacted the producers to try and understand why they did this. Turns out, it all boiled down to cost.

“By adding milk we are able to increase capacity, save costs and reduce the amount of food waste,” a spokesperson for Pringles explained.


Vegan Food UK took the matter to their social media page. The move on Pringles’ part was dubbed as “taking a step backwards.” Sustainability starts with more Earth-friendly moves, and dairy is not one of them.

While the brand claims they are “saving on food waste,” the vegan community feels this is Ludacris. The waste cannot even compare to the devastation of the dairy industry they are now supporting.  

Some feel it also might be a marketing move. Making their unintentional vegan chips not vegan so they can launch a vegan range?



“Imagine citing sustainability then adding dairy ”


“By that logic just remove the milk ingredient from all products and make them all vegan not the other way round ”


“In a couple of months they shall release a vegan line at a more expensive price … stay tuned ”


“Ahh yes, the dairy industry well known for being sustainable ”


“Do you think it’s a tactic to launch a vegan range and charge twice the price like Cadbury’s-gate?”

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