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My husband kept his Partial blindness secret from me, confessed to cheating on me before killing himself – Liberian Woman clears air


Dec 2, 2021


A Liberian woman named Cecilia Johnson otherwise known as Mamie Taylor, has come out to state her side of the story concerning allegations her Ivorian husband, Sahmy Dollar, killed himself because she was frustrating him.

Speaking in an exclusive telephone interview with African Entertainment from the US, she said contrary to “false” claims that have been made against her, her husband took his own life after pleading to her to forgive him for all the “wrongs” he did her and for also for not telling her that he was partially blind.

She said he told medical officers before his death how he took 80 pills of Ibuprofen.

Checks by African Entertainment revealed that ibuprofen is a medication in the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug class that is used for treating pain, fever, and inflammation.

According to her, he told medical officers that he used Hennessey in taking the ibuprofen.

She said on the day he took the medication and an ambulance was subsequently called to convey him to the hospital for treatment, he refused to get in the ambulance.

He then told the ambulance crew not to take him to the hospital but the crew refused, threatening to call re-enforcement on him or take him to psychiatric hospital, she said.

Around 11am that day, he was taken to the hospital in ambulance in the US, she said, adding that she drove behind the ambulance until they got to the hospital.

His blood pressure went up to 200 after he refused to take treatment at the hospital, she said, adding that he told doctors that they should kill him.

On Thursday,  November 11, 2021, after spending days in the hospital, she said “I told the nurses and doctors that I was going to work and told them to keep eyes on him until I return in the evening to feed him with his dinner. She had fed him that morning before leaving for work, she said.

She explained that “They (medical officers) called me around 11pm on Thursday that he needed blood. I asked whether I could visit the hospital but the doctor said no because it was not visiting hour.”

Around 2am on Friday, November 12, 2021, he collapsed and after few hours, he was placed on life support.

His kidneys and intestines, she said were not functioning.

When they met

According to her, “I met my husband March 2017; he and I got married June 23, 2018 in Abidjan.”

She added that “So we talked for one year before I went down for us to get married”

She went back to the US in August 2018 after their wedding, she told African Entertainment.

File photo: Samy Dollar and Maame Taylor during their wedding in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire in 2019

In June 2019, she revealed that she returned to Cote d’Ivoire and she and her husband traveled to Liberia to see her family.

Travel process

In July 2019, she returned to the US and started the process for he to go to America, according to her.

In 2020, the US Immigration wrote her that they have approved of him to come to America, she said.

Spiritual delay’

But when the Immigration approved of him to visit America, Covid-19 came in, she said, adding that because of the Covid-19 the process delayed.

She said her lawyer told her on a couple of occasions that she should be patient because the delay over her husband’s travel was due to Covid.

She said the way his travel process was delaying, she felt it was ‘Spiritual’ so she started praying about it.

So in 2021, she told her husband that since 2019 she visited him, she had not had time to visit him, so in 2021 she was going to visit him.

In March 2021 before she could travel to Africa, his mother died. She then sent him $1,100 for her burial, she said.

In June 2021, she then visited him again in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire.

‘He started his ungratefulness towards me in Abidjan’

She lamented how her Ivorian husband started being ungrateful to her right in Abidjan before he even traveled to the US.

One day while they were in Abidjan, she said her late husband came to her and said “the God you worship is a big God’.

She said upon asking him, he told her that he had received message that he should go to the US Embassy in Abidjan for interview.

She was with him when he went for the interview, “so after the interview everything, I expected my husband to be happy but he was sad for some reason I don’t know.

“So it was one night, he and I were in the house, so I asked him, I said before it was paperwork, this is the time we got to discuss because I will soon be returning to the states, who going to be taking care of your kid?”

She said after passing his interview to travel to the state, her main concern was his son, Marvin’s travel and who to take care of him in his absence.

She revealed that she asked for them to discuss about who will take Marvin for interview when it was due but her late husband said he was going to return to Abidjan to take his son for interview, something she said was shocking to her, asking him how he was going to be in America and he will return to Africa to take someone for an interview.

She said she told him it was impossible, “so his remarks was [I am just trying to tell you how his ungratefulness started with me] he said do you think I am going to America to live there for the rest of my life? That’s the remark he made.”

“So I said why will you think like that? So you want to tell me all this effort I applied in the relationship, you just want to go to America, get your documents and come back?”

“He got one son that I knew about and that I took to be my son because your husband son is your son,” she said.

She revealed how after going through the interview process and everything went successfully, he wanted to buy his own ticket to travel to the US but the US authorities said it was she who was supposed to buy his ticket.

Date of arrival in the US

She said he arrived in the US on September 6, 2021 and both of them were full of excitement, “he and I, we entered the house, he was so excited because when he saw the place I was living, he was so impressed.”

‘Gay tendency’

On the claim that she sacked him from their room and made him to sleep in ‘strangers room’, she said he had a friend named Balu in Iowa, USA, whom he called his son. She said when Balu came to visit them, her husband said he wanted to sleep in the same room with Balu but she said it was weird because in America two men who sleep in the same room were seen as gays. She said she did not sack him from their room and that she was not even in support of him going to sleep in the strangers room with Balu.

“September my husband and myself we were so good in the house, we were fine and doing things together in the House,” she said.

Strange attitude, cheating

“October, I started seeing changes from him. I was wondering what happened, what’s going on?”,  she said.

“For me, if somebody and myself live together, even my child, when we live together under the same roof and you are not happy with me, I feel uncomfortable.”

“My husband, he got a password on his phone. I don’t have access to his phone. First of all, when he was coming from Africa, he came with two phones and a laptop. ”

One day, she said while they were sitting down together, a lady’s picture came to his phone, and when she asked him whose picture was that, he told her somebody text him picture, and subsequently deleted the photo.

After few days when they were just about going out to shopping, the same lady sent him picture, “it all happened at the beginning of October”, she said.

She said when she confronted him about the lady that kept sending him pictures, he told her that “you got your own friends and I got my own friends.”

According to her, because of that she told him she was not going out with him anymore, and that he told her that “ok, do what you want to do.”

She stated that she started feeling like he wanted to leave her house and go settle on his own, so she told him to feel free to leave her because she felt he had different intentions.

For days after that incident, she said he was refusing to eat after she’s done cooking and that because she was feeling uncomfortable, rather than he apologizing to her, she had to rather apologize to him so he can eat.

By the end of October, “he started acting funny,” she said. She said at that point, he did not even want for both of them to watch television together.

Health Insurance Demand

She said she asked him why he was “acting funny” and then he said he wanted health insurance.

She said on October 29, 2021, she started the process to get him a health insurance policy for him after she added him as beneficiary to her health insurance scheme.

She said when she took the health insurance slip home with happiness to inform him that he had been enrolled but that his insurance will be activated in January 2022, he said “wow but then I will be dead by then.” She said it was shocking to her but they spoke about the insurance and later came to a conclusion.

Residence permit arrives; secret lover discovered

After the health insurance issue, she said on November 6, 2021 his residence permit arrived in her inbox and when she picked it and delivered to him, she was so excited but he wasn’t excited. She revealed after talking about the residence permit while sitting on their bed and he woke up, it was then that she discovered that  he had sent $1,000 to a woman in Abidjan.

She said he left his son with his sister but the money sent had a recipient who was not his sister, and when she took the moneygram paper, she realized that the money was sent to the woman that he was loving to in Cote d’Ivoire.

“I was so disappointed in myself because while I worked so harder to bring this man to America, the day he got his permanent residence permit was the day I discovered he had a relationship,” she bemoaned.

After awhile that same night, she said he came to me “and said forgive me. So I asked forgive you for what?”.

She said that moment, she refused to speak with him and went to the woman who stood by her during their marriage. She mentioned that the woman is called Rose.

Later, a Sunday morning, she said, “I was so down-hearted, I went on Facebook and I saw my husband going live sitting in a studio talking about life and death.

One morning, she said, he came to her in the room, “grabbed my two legs and started apologizing. So I asked him why are you apologizing? He said because of all the wrongs I have done to you. I am so sorry.”

“So I asked him what are some of the wrongs? He said “before you and myself we got married, this lady and myself, we were together but I did not tell you. And the money I sent, I sent the money to her so she can buy stuffs for my son”.

She said it was then that he also told  her that before he left Abidjan, his right eye had gone blind and doctors had told him that by the end of 2021, his left eye will also go blind and that he told her how he wanted to end his own life because of the blindness.

She also corroborated that doctors in the US in the hospital he was taken when he took the 80 pills of Ibuprofen, confirmed that he was indeed partially blind.

“You know how I felt? I felt so disappointed about myself,” she to told African Entertainment.


Sahmy Dollar was a top music producer from Cote d’Ivoire.

Sources had earlier told African Entertainment exclusively that he was on life support for two weeks and remained unresponsive until he died.

Despite his widow stating her side of the story, there are questions being raised over the circumstances surrounding his death. Samy’s family and friends are not convinced that he actually killed himself with pills and are demanding answers.

Sources had told African Entertainment that he had marital issues with Mamie Taylor, a Krahn woman from Grand Gedeh County in Liberia.

Sahmy Dollar himself is a baoulè from Cote d’Ivoire.

He was widely known for producing music for some of the top krahn artists in Cote d’Ivoire.

The deceased was said to have been married to an Ivorian woman with whom he had children but abandoned her to marry his lover from the US, Mamie Taylor.

Two weeks before he accordingly consumed the ‘pills’, Samy was said to have told one of his sisters that if he died in the US, his family should blame Mamie.

A source familiar with the story told African Entertainment that Sahmy became frustrated after Mamie asked him to vacate the room the two of them were sleeping in so he can sleep in a room apparently reserved for strangers. But she told African Entertainment in an interview that it was Balu who started spreading falsehood after he visited their home, adding that it was never true that she asked her husband to sleep in strangers room.

The source said Mamie sacked Sahmy from their room after she discovered that he had sent $1000 to his daughter in Cote d’Ivoire.

According to the source, the $1000 Samy sent to his daughter came from an amount of $6,000 his friends donated to him upon his arrival to the US so he could take care of himself as he searched for work since “he was new in town.”

Sahmy was staying with Mamie in Iowa.

But Maame in an exclusive interview with African Entertainment, denied the allegations and ‘set the record straight.

She told African Entertainment that contrary to claims that her husband sent the $1,000 to his daughter, he rather sent it to his secret lover in Cote d’Ivoire.  Again, she said he told her that he came from Cote d’Ivoire with some dollars to buy items on the plane and that it was out of that money he sent the $1,000 back to Cote  d’Ivoire.


She told African Entertainment that Sahmy will be buried on December 11, 2021.

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