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‘Generations: The Legacy’: Who murdered Siyanda Khoza?


Nov 2, 2021

Actor, Kay Sibiya, who played the role of Siyanda Khoza, has exited Generations The Legacy.  

Sibiya’s journalist character, Siyanda Khoza, died on Wednesday before he could publish the greatest story of his career.   

Sphe feels hurt and betrayed by Siyanda. #GenerationsTheLegacy pic.twitter.com/LIfs9LxRMc

— #GenerationsTheLegacy (@Gen_legacy) October 27, 2021


Detective Malinga announced the news of his death to his wife, Pamela Khoza played by Zola Nombana on Wednesday night (27 October).  

Detectives first suspected Siyanda of committing suicide as was found lying down a tenth-floor building.  

Malinga (Andile Nebulane) now believes he was murdered and didn’t commit suicide because of the way he died.   

Siyanda revealed to Mazwi Moroka that he was going to publish a story against his wishes the day before he died.  

Mazwi cannot believe what Kabisi tells him tonight Tune in! #GenerationsTheLegacy pic.twitter.com/cV88YPrDgZ

— #GenerationsTheLegacy (@Gen_legacy) November 1, 2021

#GenerationsTheLegacy believes Mazwi (Musa Ngema) killed Siyanda because of the way they argued on Wednesday evening.  

It is unclear how Mazwi was involved in the story that Siyanda wanted to publish and why he was forbidding him from publishing it.  

Siyanda’s niece and ex-girlfriend, Sphesihle Mabaso (Pearl Monama) is also a suspect as she was furious with him for killing her father, Jack Mabaso.

Siyanda said he murdered his brother, Jack Mabaso (Vusi Kunene) with the help of the Russian mob.   

The Russians could also be responsible for his death as Siyanda was supposed to take the death of his brother to his grave.  

The detectives are on the scene Don’t miss #GenerationsTheLegacy tonight! pic.twitter.com/jgy93J9y1z

— #GenerationsTheLegacy (@Gen_legacy) October 29, 2021

Siyanda killed his brother to avenge the death of his mother, who was strangled to death by Jack Mabaso.  

Detectives started investigating his death on Thursday morning at Moroka Media and asked questioned everyone they suspected of killing him.   

Other suspects include Nimrod Nkosi’s corrupt politician character, Minister Nkaba, and Khulu Skenjane’s corrupt businessman character, Ben.  

Siyanda and his wife, Pamela exposed the latter in corrupt tenders and exposed them by publishing an article two weeks ago.   

Pam cannot believe the words coming out of Pele’s mouth. #GenerationsTheLegacy pic.twitter.com/LLHCDqpdCU

— #GenerationsTheLegacy (@Gen_legacy) October 29, 2021

What story did Siyanda want to publish? I think Mazwi killed him #GenerationsTheLegacy

— Lady Charlotte (@LadyCharlotte01) October 29, 2021

Did Siyanda have to die vele? He was my favorite #GenerationsTheLegacy

— I am art! (@Ntate_Mashia) October 29, 2021

Watch Generations: Legacy on SABC 1, Weekdays at 20:00 for the big reveal. 

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