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EFF vote soars in Nkandla – but who is on course to win here?


Nov 2, 2021

Jacob Zuma in a Red Beret, you say? Yes, the IFP is set to claim victory within a matter of hours, but the EFF has also made some spectacular inroads within the Municipality of Nkandla on Tuesday. Their share of the vote here has now soared, in comparison to their 2016 performance.

EFF ‘pick up more votes’ in Nkandla

However, Zuma’s sprawling Nkandla homestead won’t be expropriated without compensation any time soon. When we say the EFF has seen its vote share increase, we’re starting from a very low base. Five years ago, they picked up just 582 votes, accounting for just 0.8% of all ballots cast.

But, with just 40% of votes counted in the region (as of 13:00 on Tuesday 2 November), it would appear that the far-left party has already bettered what it achieved during the last Local Elections. According to the IEC’s dashboard, the EFF recorded approximately 1 000 votes in total, and they’re enjoying a 3.91% share of the vote.

Who will will Nkandla? IFP essentially ‘home and dry’

The IFP, however, are set to cruise home – with some projections forecasting an 80% landslide

IFP seems to have won Nkandla municipality by 80%

— Mbali Ntuli (@mbalimcdust) November 2, 2021

ANC rejected in Zuma’s backyard

The 2021 Elections have been rather peculiar, in the sense that voter turnout has been abnormally low. With more votes yet to tally, the EFF’s vote share in Nkandla is guaranteed to change. However, the fact that they have already comfortably surpassed the number of votes received in 2016 will be a huge boost for the political disruptors.

However, this is very much the IFP’s race to lose. In control of Nkandla for the past five years, they have opened up a very comfortable lead over the ANC, and with nearly half of the votes counted, the IFP has almost double the votes of their nearest competitors. Alas, Jacob Zuma’s family patch isn’t likely to go back to the party he led for over a decade.

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