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‘Vote ANC to fix ANC mistakes’ – Ramaphosa risks ridicule with voter plea


Nov 1, 2021

Cyril Ramaphosa has openly admitted that the ANC has made mistakes in its local governments across the country – but he is certain that the party is still the best choice for voters on Monday.

‘Vote ANC to fix ANC mistakes’, pleads Ramaphosa

The ballots opened at 7:00 today, with millions of South Africans set to determine the outcome of the 2021 Municipal Elections. Apathy may have a huge influence on the final results, and a low voter turnout could really hurt the ANC.

Appealing to the disillusioned and the disinterested, Ramaphosa told crowds near a voting station that the ANC has new methods in place to ensure that service delivery is well-maintained going forward. Essentially, the president is stood on the doorstep of the electorate, begging for one more chance, in favour of getting kicked out of the house instead.

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Asking the public to trust the ANC to fix issues caused by the ANC is a bold pitch to get voters onside, and Ramaphosa is already feeling the ridicule online. However, with all the chips down, this is the 68-year-old’s ‘Hail Mary’. He knows the party hasn’t been good enough, either at a national or local level, and it appears to be Cyril’s last throw of the dice:

“We have said, this time around, we want to correct what has not gone well. I’ve been so fortunate to go around Gauteng with the Premier. Wherever we have gone, we have been informed about the challenges facing our people”.

“We have been given specific details about the complaints of locals in Soweto. We have people looking at the needs, challenges, actions, and budgets. This is how our local representatives should be doing their work.”

“If there’s sewage in the street, we should know where the money is coming from to fix it. We’re moving into a new era of municipal service delivery. These issues will be handled very differently from now on. We should be able to tell our people why we have struggled to fix problems so far. In the past, we admit we haven’t done that.”

Cyril Ramaphosa

#LGE2021 Ramaphosa says the ANC is wants to correct things. pic.twitter.com/QxPTykd37j

— Jacaranda News (@JacaNews) November 1, 2021

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