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‘The Queen’ November Spoiler: Olerato betrays the Khozas


Nov 1, 2021

The Queen viewers have long suspected that Harriet’s niece, Olerato (Lorraine Moropa) isn’t who she says she is.   

Many predicted she’s an undercover police officer, while others thought she’s a spy who is out to destroy the Khozas.  

If inkani was a person #TheQueenMzansi pic.twitter.com/sMgWKJe5NT

— Jay (@RewindMzansi) October 27, 2021


The TVSA November teasers reveal that Olerato’s past will come back to haunt her.   

Her villainous ex-boyfriend, Darlington is going to cause chaos for the Khozas and use her.  

Her uncle Brutus almost ended her life in October when he thought that she was spying on the family  

He threatened to kill her but later apologised when he realised he was wrong about her.  

Brutus (Themba Ndaba) will not be as forgiving this time around when he finds out that Olerato’s ex-boyfriend wants to destroy them.  

The family will not believe Olerato when they learn that she knew of her boyfriend’s dark past but didn’t expose him  


The Khozas are going to be smitten with Olerato’s new boyfriend, Khumo Sebata who is Hector Sebata’s (Rapulana Seiphemo) nephew. 

The pair’s relationship will end when Olerato chooses her ex-boyfriend over Khumo to save his life.

The teasers indicate that Olerato is going to save Khumo (Molemo Tlali) from her dangerous ex-boyfriend, Darlington. 

She is going to be forced to break up with her newfound boyfriend, Khumo Sebata, and will start dating her ex-boyfriend. 

I think Olerato’s character is slowly becoming redundant #TheQueenMzansi pic.twitter.com/Y8Hg5m6Dqo

— God Above Everything (@_Miss_Tango) October 28, 2021

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