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#SkeemSaam Review: Celia and Magongwa’s secret wealth revealed


Nov 1, 2021

Viewers of Skeem Saam have been wondering where Alfred (Putla Sehlapelo) and Celia suddenly got money from.  

The pair have been spending money on furniture, birthday parties, and recently renovated their house.  


— OFFICIAL Skeem Saam 10 (@SkeemSaam3) October 29, 2021


Alfios revealed (29 October) on Friday that Celia and Alfred are his business partners to Principal Thobakgale (Elizabeth Serunye).   

Alfios won the contract with Turfloop University last year to run the canteen which sells everything from coffee, sandwiches, etc.   

Celia and Alfred are his business partners and are getting a cut from Alfios’s business because they’re the masterminds behind his canteen  

The married couple has full-time jobs, Alfred is a vice-principal at Turfloop High School and Celia is an administrator at Turfloop Hospital.  

They have kept their new wealth a secret from their family and friends in Turfloop because they were not allowed to assist Alfios to get the contract.    

Mahlatse’s Birthday Party!#SkeemSaam pic.twitter.com/1CMUAIWM8U

— OFFICIAL Skeem Saam 10 (@SkeemSaam3) October 29, 2021

The TVSA November teasers revealed that Alfred and Celia are going to buy a new car as they won’t be able to hide their secret wealth anymore.  

Celia (Shoki Mmola) and Alfred will inform their son to not uninvite his cousin to their family vacation.  

They don’t want Charles’s son to reveal their secret wealth to Charles (Masilo Magoro) as he can’t keep a secret.  

He will also be furious when he finds out because Alfios (Tebogo Modisane) used to work for him and will feel betrayed by Celia and Alfred.   

Charles believes he’s entitled to Celia’s money because she used to be his sister-in-law and will want a cut in her money.

Celia was married to Charle’s brother, Ben Kunutu before she married Alfred Magongwa. 

#SkeemSaam The Mangwongwas thriving in life and money looking good on them is the content I signed up for pic.twitter.com/71ijhtRawV

— JabulaniMacdonald (@Jabu_Macdonald) October 29, 2021

Poverty days are clearly long gone for Magongwa and Celia.#SkeemSaam pic.twitter.com/fHVxhX591g

— KaraboPDube (@KaraboPDube) October 29, 2021

#SkeemSaam Alfred and Celia’s secrets are slowly being revealed pic.twitter.com/vjBoKL79TE

— JabulaniMacdonald (@Jabu_Macdonald) October 29, 2021

#SkeemSaam Celia and Alfred have transformed a lot ,money pic.twitter.com/OSv7Z8jJ8L

— JabulaniMacdonald (@Jabu_Macdonald) October 25, 2021

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