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Fed up with the ANC: Eastern Cape residents threaten to boycott elections


Nov 1, 2021

Voters from Makanda have stated their intentions to no longer vote for the African National Congress (ANC) at Monday’s 2021 local elections.


According to the residents, they have committed to years of voting for the ANC but the trust has never resulted in service delivery.

They say they will not vote for the ruling party if their needs for basic service delivery are not met. One resident said he has voted for the party since 1994 but has largely been fed nothing but empty promises.

“I have voted for Nelson Mandela since 1994. I have always voted but never ever got anything from the government,” the community member said.


The fed-up community member further claimed that he was once promised a disability grant for his leg but never actually received anything for it. Additionally, the residents of Makanda remain suffering from a lack of basic toilet systems.

“My toilet bucket is full right now. They have not been collected for two weeks. How many years have there been calls to end the bucket system?” “What is this government doing?”

“We are always voting here. We love the name of the ANC because it’s the nation’s party.”

“I don’t want to vote against the ANC but there is nothing I gain from voting for the party.”

Another resident said she simply does not see the point of going to vote at the elections. The ANC that she has been voting for years just asks what the voters need before elections but then goes on to deliver zero.

“The ANC came again this year to ask what we need but do nothing. They repeat the same thing before elections.”

Meanwhile, an elections officer has been questioned for allegedly stuffing marked ballots in ballot box in KwaZulu Natal. The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) of South Africa confirmed on Monday morning that the police are investigating allegations that one of its presiding officers was on Sunday allegedly caught committing electoral fraud.

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