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Elections 2021: “Vote out the 27-year-old failures,” says the EFF


Nov 1, 2021

The day has finally arrived for South Africans to have a say in this year’s municipal votes. Julius Mamela and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) believe elections 2021 are the moment to dethrone the ANC from the municipal level rule, the controversial party gave the message on Monday 1 November.


With the campaigns having hit the streets over the past month, competing political parties have now sent out final messages as citizens enter ballot booths.

“The only best way to fight for our land and jobs today is exercising our power and voting against the 27-year-old failures. Let’s go! #IVotedEFF,” the party said.

“We heard you, South Africa! Today is your day to vote for your land, your jobs, for you! MANJE!”


As reported by The South African on Monday, the Red Berets also used the day’s events to remind South Africans what the party will offer as far as basic service delivery needs.

Julius Malema’s party listed six promises it knows that millions of local citizens have been crying out for under the ANC’s regime. The EFF has assured the public it will deliver services such as flushing toilets, piped water, and electricity.

“This is your day South Africa, ” the party said.

Vote to restore your dignityVote for your inside flushing toiletVote for your piped waterVote for your electricityVote for your 24-hour clinicVote for your community safety,” the EFF 2021 elections message said.

The party’s statement concluded with the words: “Vote for you!”

Meanwhile, the EFF is expected to win an increased share of the vote in the 2021 Municipal Elections while its competitors – the ANC and DA – are expected to decline. There’s a possibility that the Red Berets could wield more power in local government after the ballots are tallied.

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