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Anything for clout? Man stages BMW purchase with fake keys and all


Nov 1, 2021

Social media has really changed the way people view themselves and other people. While we are more connected than ever, we’re also faced with immense pressure to live up to certain expectations and standards. For this reason, one man found himself organising a fake expensive BMW purchase just to fit in.

Man bizarrely pretends to buy pricey BMW

One South African man has proven that not everything we see online can be trusted especially since many people are willing to do just about anything to make it seem like their lives are more interesting, fun, and lavish than it seems.

Taking to Twitter, @DanielMarven shared a snap of one guy who pretended to buy an expensive BMW car. From the distance, the snap looks so real that one almost feels compelled to congratulate him – that is until one zooms into the post and makes a hilarious discovery.


— Dr Daniel Marven (PhD) (@danielmarven) October 31, 2021

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The keys that are being handed to the “proud owner of a brand new BMW” are in fact not car keys and rather appear to be keys for a building – something people quickly picked up on.

Netizens understand where he’s coming from

The post received many reactions from South Africans who could totally relate to why the young man decided to fake his lifestyle. A lot of them could not hold in their laughter as they made hilarious jokes about how far folks are willing to go to appear well off online.

@Simply_Natt said:

“Content Danny. Content….we have to make our “imaginary haters” jealous.”

@ntokozocolen said:

“Buying a house at a car dealership.”

@sand_inmotion said:

“They tried, ag shame. I’m sure they hit the high notes with their target market…”

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