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LOOK: Your ballot will be spoilt – if you fill it in like this [photos]


Oct 31, 2021

Strange enough, thousands of people still register a spoilt vote in every election.


According to the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) is a spoilt vote a common occurrence.

In the 2019 National Elections, 17 672 851 votes were cast, and 235 472 were spoilt votes.

For this reason, the IEC has made it even easier, you can now see an example of what the ballot in your area will look like tomorrow. Click here.

If you incorrectly mark a ballot paper and realise this before placing the paper in the ballot box, just ask the Presiding Officer for a new ballot paper. Please make sure that the incorrect ballot paper is marked as “cancelled”.

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Once your ballot has been placed in the ballot box, it can’t be removed.


Any writing across the names of the listed parties
The empty box is the one place where you’re allowed to make your mark.

CROSSES ONLY. Any attempt to circle or “fill in” a box is a spoilt vote.

Making your cross take up more than one box
Your “X” can only occupy one box. Otherwise, it can’t be counted. “Voter-spreading” will not be tolerated!

Additional writing with arrows
Keep your comments to yourself. Any additional information about your vote will not count.

Writing words in the box is forbidden.
The box is for crossing only! Any other form of marking will lead to a spoilt vote.

Casting a vote for two parties
If you’ve tried to vote for more than one party during the 2019 Elections, none of your votes will count.

Marking more than one box on the ballot
If you “cross out” the parties you don’t want to vote for, your ballot is null and void. One X, one party. That is all.

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