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How did DJ Zinhle’s mom react to the news of her pregnancy?


Oct 31, 2021

On the latest episode of DJ Zinhle: Unexpected which aired on Saturday 30 October, the DJ and businesswoman broke the news of her pregnancy to her mother. Due to this being her second child out of wedlock, DJ Zinhle was nervous. 


DJ Zinhle and her brother Zenzele took a drive to KwaZulu-Natal to tell their mom that she is pregnant with her second child. The Hair Majesty owner was nervous about how her mother would react because this is her second child out of wedlock. 

DJ Zinhle and rapper Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, popularly known by his stage name AKA welcomed their first child together — Kairo Forbes in 2015. The pair later split allegedly due to cheating rumours. 

The Umlilo hitmaker gave love another chance in 2020 with Black Motion’s Murdah Bongz. The pair welcomed one-month-old Asante Mohosana on 8 September. In the current episodes of DJ Zinhle: Unexpected, she is breaking the news of her pregnancy one step at a time which has previously been criticised by Tweeps. 


On the latest episode of the reality series, the businesswoman finally tells her mom, Jabu Jiyane, that she is expecting her second child. 

“So your prayers have been answered,” said Zenzele to their mom. 

“Which prayers,” replies Jiyane. 

“You’ve been praying for so long,” he continues. 

“I have so many prayers. Which prayer has been answered?” responds Jiyane. 

The brother and sister duo finally came out with it.

“You’re having a grandchild,” says Zenzele. 

“From me,”says Zinhle.

“Ntombezinhle is giving you another grandchild,” said Zenzele.

The Jiyane mom was happy with the news and explained that she would not reprimand her daughter. 

“I won’t yell. I would’ve reprimanded her if she was still in school. Now they’ve completed their tertiary education. They have jobs and can raised their children,” she explained. 

Zenzele thought his mom had a soft spot for DJ Zinhle as he explained he was yelled at when he told his mom that he impregnated someone. 

“I got yelled at when I told her that I impregnated someone. I was working. I could take care of the babies and what not, but she shouted at me like a concerned parent would. Mom has a soft spot for Zinhle,” he said.

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