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‘Halloween Kills’ star Jamie Lee Curtis voicing the devil in ‘Exorcist’ reboot?


Oct 31, 2021

Jamie Lee Curtis wants to voice the devil in the Exorcist reboot.

The 63-year-old actress is keen to reteam with her Halloween Kills director David Gordon Green on his upcoming horror trilogy – which will star the likes of Leslie Odom Jr and Ellen Burstyn – and she’s particularly keen to portray the demon, which in the 1973 original was voiced by Mercedes McCambridge as she possessed Linda Blair’s young character, Regan.

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She said: “Maybe I should be the voice of the devil like Mercedes McCambridge. You see, if David gives me a part in the new Exorcist trilogy as the voice of the devil, then it is a full-circle return for me, in a meta way. That would blow people’s minds.”

Despite being a horror movie veteran, Curtis “loathes” watching scary films and recalled how “freaked out” she was when she saw The Exorcist for the first time as a teenager.


She told Entertainment Weekly:

“I’m brave, but I am afraid of scary things. When I was 15, my parents screened The Exorcist and my friends teased me the next day because I was so freaked out. I loathe being scared by scary movies.”

Gordon Green admitted he hasn’t spoken to the Prom Night actress about her suggestion but he thinks it is a great idea.

Asked by the publication if she had mentioned the casting possibility to him, he said:

“Ooh, she has not! I’ll have to get her to audition for that one. You know, she did the crying baby for the last ‘Halloween’ movie, so she’s a talented voice actor as well.”

Jamie Lee Curtis was terrified by The Exorcist as a kid but now wants a role in David Gordon Green’s new Exorcist trilogy. “Maybe I should be the voice of the devil like Mercedes McCambridge,” she said. “That would blow people’s minds.”https://t.co/OH3utqfjl7 pic.twitter.com/Kk6jEL7YhI

— Screen Rant (@screenrant) October 29, 2021

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