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‘Go home, you’re drunk!’ – Mpumalanga voting officer dismissed by IEC


Oct 31, 2021

A pissed-up presiding officer completely abandoned his responsibilities on Saturday, after the Mpumalanga-based worker decided to turn up for his shift totally SOZZLED. The IEC has since moved to fire the drunkard.

IEC nightmare: Bad behaviour reported on Saturday

Reporting back on how the first day of special voting went, it’s fair to say things could have gone a bit more smoothly for the IEC. There were significant disruptions in several locations, however, the majority of voting booths didn’t encounter any hiccups. Which is more than can be said for the gent who drank his way to a dismissal.

The presiding official in Mpumalanga has been stripped of his official duties by the IEC.Some political party members in Limpopo stormed a secure storage location for special voting ballots papers.In KwaZulu-Natal, eight voting stations could not open on Saturday due to protest action.The Commission also laid charges with the police after a voter tore a ballot paper in Mpumalanga.

The IEC says it had to summarily dismiss a presiding officer in Mpumalanga yesterday after he was found to be under the influence of alcohol.

Oh yhini! pic.twitter.com/ny2TwJh789

— Scapegoat (@AndiMakinana) October 31, 2021

Mpumalanga mampara tops list of ‘incidents’ for special voting weekend

The special voting weekend itself saw more than 1.1 million votes registered either via home visits, or from polling stations that opened up early for those who couldn’t avail themselves Monday 1 November. According to the IEC, these voting methods are totally safe, and the integrity of the democratic process remains ‘100% safeguarded’.

“The special voting process is subject to the same security protocols of normal voting – including scrutiny by party agents and observers.  Additional checks include the use of the double envelope system, where special votes are reconciled against the voters’ roll and the list of approved special votes – but still preserve the secrecy of the voters’ ballot.” 

“All special votes collected are stored securely overnight on 30 and 31 October and are then opened, reconciled, and added to the ordinary ballots cast on 1 November 2021 before counting begins. The Commission thanks South Africans who have registered for Special Votes.”

IEC statement

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