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Zille: Poor people live a better life in Cape Town than anywhere else


Oct 30, 2021

When people criticise the DA, it’s normally followed by claims that the party does not do enough for the poor and working class. But according to DA Federal Council Chair Helen Zille, poor people in Cape Town are living their best lives. Seriously, better than anywhere else, in fact…

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Do Helen Zille and the DA do enough for the poor?

With Local Government Elections set to get underway on Monday, the DA senior figures are out and about this weekend. While Zille was making her last push for votes, she was asked about the difference in service delivery in Cape Town suburbs and townships.

“I can promise you this. Having been in poor areas across the entire country. The package of free basic services that the DA offers. And the services in general that the DA offers. And the infrastructure, the water, the roads the sanitations. There is no comparison. Poor people live a much better life in Cape Town than anywhere else.”

DA Federal Council Chair Helen Zille

“Poor people live a much more better life in Cape Town than anywhere else” – Helen Zille (DA Federal Council Chairperson)

Responding to questions about service delivery in disadvantaged communities and the glaring disparities between surbabs and disadvantaged areas. @Newzroom405 pic.twitter.com/U77uh0ofy8

— Athi Mtongana (@Artii_M) October 30, 2021

The state of the City of Cape Town

The Democratic Alliance currently govern with a majority in Cape Town. And they are expected to continue to do so once all the votes are counted next week. Current mayor Dan Plato is set to be replaced by 34-year-old Geordin Hill-Lewis, after he was selected over Plato as the party’s prefered candidate.

Hill-Lewis, who has served as an MP for the party. Says that he will govern equally for all Cape Town citizens, no matter where they live.

The DA has promised to “end load shedding in Cape Town” as well as going all out to get MetroRail and the police under the control of the provincial government. There are also promises of more affordable housing. Are these 7 promises enough for the poor in Cape Town? And are they enough to win your vote?

I am proud to announce my 7 key pledges to the people of Cape Town. Be part of writing the next chapter of progress in our beautiful city’s story by voting DA on Monday. Let’s do more!#GHLforMayor #VoteDA pic.twitter.com/cheB3VizAG

— Geordin Hill-Lewis (@geordinhl) October 29, 2021

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