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World’s No 1 swimmer adds leg sleeve tattoo in 14 HOUR inking session


Oct 30, 2021

American swimming superstar Caeleb Dressel revealed some new body art on his Instagram this week.


Dressel, who is instantly-recognisable for the full sleeve of tattoos on his left arm, has turned his entire right leg into a canvas with tattoos now going from his hip down to his ankle.

Dressel mentioned the inking session took 14 hours and was done by artist Travis Bruce of Electric Gold Tattoo Company in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Despite the 14-hour session the tattoo remains incomplete; at present, only the outlines of the images are completed. The next step will be to fill them in with color.

According to the Swim Swam website, like most Olympians, Dressel has the Olympic rings tattooed on his body, in his case, on his right forearm. Dressel also has an alligator, a bald eagle, and a bear on his left arm, each of which is endemic to his home state of Florida. Dressel’s left arm also shows images of oranges, one of the Sunshine State’s biggest exports.

Dressel, 25, has taken over the mantle as the world’s No 1 swimmer from compatriot Michael Phelps in recent years.

Dressel has won seven Olympic gold medals – including five from this year’s Tokyo Olympics.

He also has 13 World Championship (long course) golds and two silvers, as well as six gold and three silvers in the short course.

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